Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet the Hoisingtons: A Couple Transformed Together!

CLIENTS: Karen & David Hoisington

Weight 121 - 115 = 6 lb loss
Elimination of chronic headaches

Intolerances discovered:
  • OATS: Impact headaches, digestion and irritability 
  • NUTS: Increase headaches


Weight 187 to 169 = 18 lb loss
LDL Cholesterol = 40 point decrease

Intolerances discovered:
  • GLUTEN: Impacts weight, digestion, inflammation
  • TOMATOES: Impact weight, digestion, inflammation and energy
  • CITRUS: Impacts weight, digestion, inflammation

"My husband and I started the Love Cleanse because some friends asked us if we were up for the challenge with them.  How fun, a cleanse together, right?!  Well, actually it was exactly that! I had no idea how this process would change the way we looked at foods and how much better we would feel. 

I think we considered ourselves to be very healthy and very active, and we were. But there were always lingering issues that had no answers. For example:  I have struggled with headaches for years and looked into several treatment options.  Homeopathies, acupuncture, allergy shots etc...what I learned from my Love Cleanse was that nuts were the culprit! As a healthy individual and an athlete I consumed many nuts with no prior challenges. Never been diagnosed with a sensitivity at all. This alone changed my life!!  

There have been many, many other benefits, and as far as recommending this cleanse....I would. Especially to those that think they are doing the best they can do for themselves. You would be amazed."   - Karen

"I think the best benefit of this program for me was that it was healing. In other words, it seemed like at first I reacted to everything. But the longer I stayed at base line the more foods that slowly passed to a point where I really didn't react to anything by the end. 

The foods I still try to avoid are tomatoes, gluten, and citrus. I don't have major reactions to any of these but I stay away. I also discovered sugar is a killer for my blood work.

The Love Cleanse is one of a kind. Understanding my food sensitivities makes a huge difference in my overall health and my ability to manage it. Experiencing the detrimental effects of gluten and a few other foods in by far enough incentive to avoid them. Watching the results of my blood-work throughout the program was pretty amazing. My LDL cholesterol dropped 40 points which I can tell from anyone I have told is hard to believe but I have the paper work. A great program that everyone would benefit from. Also a great idea to do the program with your spouse. We had a great time and were able to support each other. Thanks for all your help."  - David

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  1. congratulations to you both! as a dear friend of kim's and a fellow love cleanse participant...it's so wonderful to see the good that kim's program is doing! all the best!