Thursday, October 20, 2011

Amy's Inner Expert Leads her to Sleep Solution + more!

CLIENT: Amy Holton
Owner of Amy Holton Designs


  • TOMATOES: Significantly impact sleep quality and duration
  • TURKEY: Impacts sleep quality
  • CORN: Impacts weight holding
  • SOY: Impacts digestion 
  • DAIRY: Impacts weight holding
  • WINE: Red or White impacts mental recall the day after


"I actually found the Love Life Method over a year before I started the program, but it was never the right time. I was looking for a cleanse as I knew my body wasn’t quite right, but was determined to find one that was food based…not a fast. Being a bit obsessive (my husband would say “a lot”), it was never quite the right time. Finally, things slowed down and I jumped at the opportunity to go at it with full dedication. For me, working with the fantastic staff at the Love Life Method was truly a lot of fun. 

As I said to Kim when I started the program, it was an experiment with my body and I was to play the role of “Lab Rat.”  I’ve long been very interested in nutrition, various dietary practices and have quite a collection of books and websites on the subject. The program’s principles that food can affect the body as powerfully as a drug was in line with what I’d learned and believed through my own research.  Never mind I was armed with so many references, I chose to do the full, guided concierge program. I had some idea of what foods affected me, but I wanted validation from  someone with a tried and true, tested system. The Love Life Method taught me to trust my inner expert and to feel empowered by what my body was telling me.

I knew going in I’m gluten intolerant.  Further, I’d long suspected I reacted negatively to most grains…and beans, and corn which can be quite limiting when you’re gluten intolerant.  Immediately beans and rice were eliminated and symptoms subsided. When corn was later reintroduced, I reacted and it was promptly removed. A mild but chronic nasal congestion was eliminated with the removal of garlic, onions and later, citrus. I learned what protein sources my body responded to best. As I’d suspected, my body needs quite a bit of protein, but I did learn it didn’t need as much as I’d usually give it. 

Then there was the Holy Grail of food intolerances…tomatoes, peppers and turkey. I have long suffered from insomnia and was one of the great mysteries I was hoping to uncover. Sleeping 3-4 hours a night was not uncommon. As I started the program, I began sleeping so much better. Then we began reintroducing foods. Tomatoes are a favorite of mine and I love spicy food.  However, when we re-introduced nightshades, I immediately went back to my old sleep patterns. 

Tryptophan be damned, it happened again when we reintroduced turkey to my diet (though I learned I drop weight like a fiend eating turkey). Years of sleep issues were suddenly uncovered. Tomatoes are one of my favorite foods.  I used to keep a colander of cherry tomatoes on my counter and snack on them throughout the day. We love spicy food. Sliced turkey was a quick and easy protein fix on days I was too busy to make myself prepare a proper lunch.  Mystery solved. I miss my tomatoes, but the tradeoff is priceless.  Of course, it’s not that I can never have a tomato again or have to avoid Thanksgiving altogether, I’m just now empowered to pick my battles and make the decision to indulge in these favorites when I can afford a slow-moving day the next day.

A few days after I finished the program, we were to go spend several days with my family at the beach. I’d promised to bring a fresh salsa I regularly make that my family loves, though I knew most of the ingredients would not agree with me. I probably had 1-2 tablespoons of the salsa as I adjusted the seasonings…and I was awake all night! Proof positive that I had found my sleep nemesis. For all of the materials I’ve read, websites I’ve researched and options I’ve explored, the Love Life Method solved a life-long dilemma.  Now if I have a sleepless night, my husband (who was initially skeptical) will ask me, “What did you eat yesterday?”  It never fails that I can narrow my sleeplessness down to food.

All around the program was a great experience. Everyone was so wonderful to work with and I’ve recommended the program to so many others.  It’s interesting and eye-opening being the “Lab Rat.”  This program taught me a lot, validated what I thought was true and empowered me to trust my inner expert as the program teaches.  I always thought I knew my body quite well.  The Love Life Method taught me I knew it better than I thought…I just needed to trust my instincts.

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  1. Thanks so much for everything again guys! As a footnote, though Steve was skeptical at first, he certainly now sees the impact food has on my sleep and overall well-being. A great experience all around :)