Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sarah Soars!

SARAH STRUCK: Communications Director

Sarah's Food Bloom:
  • First AM Energy: "3" to "9"
  • 6-8 PM Energy: "5" to "9"
  • Cravings: "8" to "0"
  • Digestive Issues: "8" to "1"
  • Abdominal Pain: Gone!
  • Granuloma Annulare: "2.5" to "0"
  • Skin Glow: "4" to "9" 

New Favorite Foods:
I have a newfound love for roasted turnips, the LLM Superfood, quinoa, coconut products and hemp milk.

Happy Foods: Having quinoa with avocado in the morning is both satisfying and gives me the energy I need into late morning.

Intolerant Foods Discovered: 
  • Citrus: This was a surprise to me! Having grown up living a mist orange orchards I never would have thought I had bad reactions to citrus... but I did! After eating citrus I become very fatigued - no good for someone like me who is constantly on the go! Now instead of using a citrus marinade I have found fun ways to use vinegars and homemade tapenades.
  • Soy: I gained 3 lbs. over night just from eating steamed edamame! I stopped eating dairy in my early 20s, so soy used to be a huge part of my diet.
  • Eggs: Digestive issues

From Sarah:

"I can't how lucky I feel to have gotten to experience the LLM! Everything is going well... It is wild to be in tune with my body and the foods I feed it.

I find that it permeates into my everyday life and that I not only communicate better but have more clarity in navigating the more sticky parts of life... Like dealing with people who are difficult!
I can truly say this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, my family and friends! Now when people come to eat at our house they often leave with new "healthy" recipes - shocked that "good food" could be so yummy!

Living in Santa Barbara, I was not sure I would be able to complete the LLM without the aid of having Kim at arms reach. But with her daily emails, weekly phone calls and wonderful printed resources, recipes and shopping lists I was more than taken care of. We now shop for our produce almost exclusively at our local farmer's market and religiously read all labels before buying anything at the store.

Kim is:
  • Wonderful!
  • A wealth of knowledge from the most simple of questions about foods to truly understanding the science and building blocks of nutrition.
  • A great guide in a seemingly impossible task... no coffee and no refined sugars... I wasn't sure how long I could manage that and did with her help!

All I can say is thank you!"

- Sarah Struck

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