Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stacy Shows Her Thyroid Who's Boss

Sr. Project Manager

Stacy's Food Rewards:
  • Weight: Down 16.5 pounds
  • Sleep Quality: "5" to "9"
  • Waking Energy: "3.5" to "9"
  • 2:00 - 4:00 PM Energy: "5" to "9" (goodbye afternoon slump!) 
  • Overall Energy: "4" to "9" 
  • Mental Clarity: "4" to "8"
  • Anxiety: "8" to "4"
  • Irritability: "8.5" to "2"
  • Sinus Congestion: "8" to "3"
  • Itchy Eyes: "5" to "0"
  • Headaches: "7", 4-5x/week to "0"

New Favorite Foods:

TLC Green Juice and seeds

Food Discoveries:
  • Gluten: Causes Anxiety, Fatigue
  • Nuts: Impact Digestion
  • Citrus: Impacts Mood Levels and increases Cravings

From Stacy:

I started the LLM as a way to try to manage multiple "thyroid related" symptoms rather than agree to start multiple prescription medications. These symptoms were physically and psychologically draining and extremely frustrating. My Endocrinologist told me my symptoms were "normal" for people with thyroid imbalance, yet didn't really have any answers except referring me to other specialists. I had heard that some of my symptoms might be related to gluten intolerance, so as a last ditch effort, I thought I'd give LLM a try. I knew I couldn't go off gluten without help (baked goods addict). I turned to Kim and LLM for that help.

Within 10 days of starting the LLM, all of my painful, debilitating, anxiety-causing, supposedly thyroid related symptoms were gone! I am shocked and thrilled that I was able to end the cycle of helplessness I felt trying to cope with the many ill effects of gluten and other food intolerances.

The program was so straight forward, the support was so valuable and the results are truly life changing. I was advised by my doctor that to gradually stabilize my thyroid function and see some relief from my symptoms could be up to a year-long process Instead, in two months, I've learned that gluten and other foods caused many of my symptoms and, with medication, my thyroid levels are normal.

This program has helped me identify gluten and other food intolerances in a manner that has permanently altered my understanding of how what I eat affect me and my health. A great bonus on top of all the above is that I also lost weight."
- Stacy

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