Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Student Scores an A+ on her TLC

Candy Cantrell
Full Time Student
Traveling, Food & Wine, spending time with her dogs

Snapshot Takeaway: "I have so much more energy! I have far less digestive issues that plague me during the day, which leaves me feeling so much happier and more energetic."

New Favorite Foods
The quinoa & avocado breakfast, and Lydia's bread with apple slices and sunflower butter.

Food Discoveries
  • Nightshades: Bloating, weight gain
  • Soy: Bloating, Stomach Pain
  • Citrus: Impacts Energy Levels

More From Candy

"I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and have been plagued with digestive issues all of my life. Before beginning this program, I had to take daily digestive medicines to combat any number of tummy troubles- sometimes several times a day for a mix of different problems. After day 3 of the cleanse, I no longer had any stomach pain or bloating! I seriously could not believe it! It has been 2 months since I started the cleanse, and I still have not taken a single medication for digestion. I am amazed by that!

Having Hashimoto's makes it difficult to lose weight and during my cleanse, I lost TEN pounds, and since reintegrating have only gained 3 of those back. My weight has been consistent every day for the first time in years. Plus, I have realized that a lot of the negative feelings I was having about my body- that I thought were tied to weight- I think were actually tied to my digestive health! Since my tummy feels better, I feel better about myself! 

I am a vegetarian, and before the cleanse, I thought I was eating healthy and exercising and was so frustrated by my weight and my health! I thought I was doing everything right & it wasn't working! I have since realized that there was a lot I still could learn! I am a full time student and really value education- I feel the real value of doing the Love Life Method is that I feel like I took a college course in myself, in my body, and how to keep it happy! To me, that has been priceless!

I have since reintegrated many foods back into my daily routine. Now I know what foods to avoid, if possible, and what foods I can use to reset my system and put me back on track- say after a bowl full of chips and salsa, washed down with a margarita- I know the next day, I need to repair my system & now I know how to do it!

So, not only do I feel lighter, but my purse feels lighter because its not full of antacids, anti-nausea & anti-bloating medicines!" - Candy

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