Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Client Testimonial: Meet Steve!

"I have been working towards a goal of better health and weight loss for quite awhile. I had adjusted my diet (became a vegetarian), watched calories, exercised, and practiced yoga. I felt somewhat better but seemed to have hit a plateau. My weight would not seem to want to ever get below 200 lbs., I did not really think I ever would. I would eat great for awhile and then binge on chocolate and sweets. My weight would bounce from 204 to 218. 

I had seen the Love Cleanse on a news report, thought it looked interesting but did not pursue it. I came across it again on Facebook of all places. It was friended by my acupuncturist. I asked her about the cleanse and Kim. She thought it may be a good thing for me to explore. 

What a true blessing Kim is. I was impressed at my first contact with her. She has a great deal of knowledge and her enthusiasm is infectious. I decided to take the plunge knowing it would require a great deal of commitment and will power. While initially Kim’s program takes commitment, for me, it has been a life changing, life enhancing experience. I have learned a great deal. Whereas before, food controlled my life far more than I was aware, my new found knowledge about how foods effect me personally, has allowed me to change the relationship completely. 

In 8 weeks I went from 204 lbs to 177 lbs., where I am holding steady. I have tremendous energy, I have all but eliminated my allergies, my flexibility and lucidity have increased exponentially. I feel great!

Thank you Kim and the Love Cleanse Team!"

Steven Sides

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