Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top 5 Holiday Eating Myths

1.  Eat less throughout the day so you can splurge at parties.

This top myth sets you up for a binge that even Homer Simpson would envy.  Regulating your blood sugar throughout the day by eating a snack every 1 ½ to 2 hours and eating the correct personalized ratio of carbs to proteins, will allow you to show up to holiday parties much more composed and in a position to make better choices.

2.  Most people gain between 5 – 7 pounds during the holiday season.

We have all heard this one over the years.  According to the National Institutes of Health average holiday weight gain is closer to 1 pound.  But
those single pounds don't magically melt away after the New Year and instead start adding up.  So if you gain 1 pound per year during the holidays at the ripe age of 30, by the time you are 50 you will have 20 pounds of extra Holiday Cheer weighing you down.
3.  If you overeat at one meal today, you may as well eat whatever you want tomorrow.

“I totally blew it last night so I’m going to eat everything I want today”.  Sound familiar?  It’s never too late to start over.  Each day presents a new opportunity and the holidays are filled with opportunities.  Allow yourself to indulge, wisely, and hit the Daily Juice in Austin, TX to begin the next day with one of their serious Green Smoothies like the Kale-i-Brator!  It is perfectly portioned with protein, greens and fiber and is a great way to start afresh after a night of excess. If you live outside of Austin you can visit your favorite local juice spot or make your own Green Smoothie at home!

4.  Wine is the healthiest alcoholic beverage choice.

Many of us have been told that due to the antioxidant benefits wine is the healthiest spirit. However up to 40% of our clients discover during The Love Cleanse program, that wine is creating major symptoms of inflammation.  Some of the most common ways this manifests is in disturbed sleep, cravings, allergies, headaches and weight gain.  This inflammation would over-ride any benefits gained.  If wine is non-inflammatory for you it may indeed be the best beverage of choice.  Otherwise, reach for a potato based vodka and soda spritzer.   Or choose wisely enjoying it on special occasions when you are willing to suffer the toll the next day but know how to get yourself back on track afterward.

5.  Eat a small amount of each party food.

Instead of grabbing everything in sight and nibbling away, consider opting for more nutrient dense offerings and avoiding your personal trigger foods.  Everyone has unique trigger foods and discovering yours can go a long way towards allowing you to make conscious choices that will keep you feeling your best while still allowing you to have fun.  We call this personalized lifestyle empowerment!

Or opt for the less processed options.  Veering away from bread and dairy is an excellent beginning.

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