Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet Julie & Derek Lewis!

CLIENTS: Julie & Derek Lewis

Weight 121 - 113 = 8 lb loss

Intolerances discovered:
  • FISH: Increases Headaches
  • NIGHTSHADES: Impact Energy, Major Fatigue
  • CORN: Impacts Hunger, Cravings Irritability
  • EGGS: Increase Headaches, Neck Pain

Weight 220 to 207 = 13 lb loss

Intolerances discovered:
  • CITRUS: Impacts Allergy Symptoms, Slight Fatigue
  • EGGS: Impact Digestion, Irritability



"The Love Cleanse has truly been an eye opening and life changing experience for me. My husband and I agreed to do the Cleanse together in an effort to improve his overall quality of life after a boating accident last summer. And because of this, I thought I was entering into the program solely as a supporter and cheerleader for my husband.  

I considered myself healthy, active and I was; however, I never dreamed that I would complete the program feeling better than I ever have in my life. The program has given me an unbelievable knowledge of food and the best part is I am fueling my body with the right foods for me.  

After four days into the Cleanse, I noticed a drastic difference in the way I was feeling. I had more energy than I was used to and was not dragging in the late afternoon. It became obvious to me that I had been feeling tired for a long period of time and had simply accepted it as my norm. About one week later, I noticed an improvement in my sleep and realized that I had been waking up multiple times during the night due to restlessness and pattern. I am now averaging eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night and it feels wonderful to wake up rested.  I have also seen an improvement in my skin and my constant craving for “one bite of something sweet” after every single meal has disappeared – it’s crazy! 

Kim has been great to work with, what an unbelievable amount of knowledge she shared with me along the way. Completing the Love Cleanse is the best thing I could have done for myself and my family. Thank YOU Kim, from the bottom of my happy heart and soul!"


"My wife and I embarked on The Love Cleanse together, all in an effort to increase my energy levels throughout the day and into the early evening. For several months I had experienced low energy for basically the majority of the day. I spend approximately 12 hours a day working or thinking about work. After a physical setback due to injury, subsequent surgery, rehab, etc., my tank was constantly out of gas. I woke up tired, came back into the office after lunch sluggish and consistently ended my day exhausted. Up until my accident I led a very active lifestyle and I never imagined that by eliminating certain foods from my diet, I could feel this much better or even different for that fact. Through the Love Cleanse, I have discovered that certain foods have a profound impact on my energy and overall health.

I have rarely given consideration to food consumption; if it tastes good, I’ll have more! I must say that I am seeing incredible results in my energy level throughout the day, my clarity and focus in the afternoons and evenings and my sleep. Early in the program I realized that citrus was causing my sinus to flare.  This caused irritated eyes, runny nose, slight headache and fatigue, all of which was playing into my afternoon slumps and inability to clearly focus.  I will likely minimize my intake of other foods simply because they weigh heavier on me throughout the day.

The end result is that I am now completely aware of my food intake and how each item can fuel my day. In addition, my wife and I have discovered many healthier, non-processed foods that will become the norm for us and our family. This has been an extremely worthwhile process that will, no doubt, impact our daily wellbeing and overall health."

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