Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Tips: Healthier Road Food Part II

Eating on the road can turn the biggest health nut into a fast food junkie. Here are our top tips for making healthier choices, when gas stations and fast food prevail:
Stop in larger towns 
Larger towns often provide more options than small ones where Wendy’s dominates. Can you find a Chili’s or even a Furr’s Cafeteria? Both of these would have healthier options than you’re likely to find at other fast food locales. Plan ahead and map out your route ahead of time.
Bring your own protein snacks
There’s nothing like H’angry to force the pedal to the medal straight to the nearest burger and fries. Having healthy protein snacks on hand for blood sugar balance lets you tell the exit at fast food alley to “talk to the hand” and continue on to the next one with better options.

If all else fails
When blinded by the bling of the fast food thing, what to do? Skip the bread and pass on fries and soda, which pack on needless calories while triggering addictive cycles and cravings.

Most fast food locations have a salad with lettuce and vegetables. Request oil and vinegar dressing rather than pre-packaged. Or, as a back up when there is no oil and vinegar, choose the vinaigrette or Italian option and use sparingly. Protein with the salad will help stave off cravings throughout the rest of your day. If you eat meat, opt for the salad with meat. For the Vegetarians, if beans are an option, request them on top while also throwing your own stash of nuts and seeds in to the mix.  

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