Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating Julie's Transformation!

CLIENT: Julie Long

WEIGHT: 148-123 = 25 lb loss

  • Citrus: Increases Congestion
  • Dairy: Impacts Weight Holding, Increases Hunger
  • Gluten: Increases Hunger and Irritability, Impacts Weight, Decreases Energy
  • Fish & Turkey: Both Increase Fatigue, Muscle/Joint Aches and Inflame Emotions

PROTEIN DISCOVERY: Feels best with a combination of plant and animal proteins, especially chicken.

This journey has definitely been a life changer for me both physically and mentally. I love the weight that I lost but feel even more empowered by the information I gained in regards to how certain foods make me feel.  I never really thought that food could be the root of symptoms that we blame so many other things for. Now, I feel like I have uncovered my life. Like I just finally woke up.  I am healthier in mind, body and spirit and continue to uncover more. 

Depending on what I eat, I am less moody, more patient with my kids, and have more energy. How we nourish our body with food has become more important than ever to me as it should be for everyone. Anyone could feel better if they just did a little more research at what they are putting at the end of their fork. 

The staff at The Love Cleanse made this whole process so much easier. I could have never achieved my goals without their guidance. They are so knowledgable and readily available for all the questions that surface.  I have truly appreciated all their support and generosity of their time.

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