Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seaweed and Sesame Seeds?! Oh my!

A very unexpected pairing of seaweed, sesame seeds and a hint of maple syrup meld together to delight the palette in these Kelp Crunch Bars. The protein content also makes them a wonderful afternoon snack, helping to banish cravings. Seaweed straight from the Maine Coast, is unfettered of radiation which sea minerals from the Pacific might contain. Seaweeds are high in minerals and rapidly replenish common dietary deficiencies. These minerals also have wonderful mood boosting properties.

A staple throughout Maine, these can also be found online at various retailers including here at GoldMine Natural Food Co.

We plan on trying out a version of these ourselves in our test kitchen, we'll be sure to post the recipe if they're a success! Check out our test kitchen results here.

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