Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Prevent the Holiday "Slide"

It’s that time of year again. Festivities beckon and our bodies reckon. Wine glasses tilt, nibbles to the hilt and by January we are pulling out our baggiest pants and jeans. Now I know what you might be thinking - I don’t care, I just want to have fun. But fun is a relative term. As the old adage goes - a minute in your mouth is a lifetime on your hips. We might also add - days of feeling less vibrant, looking less vibrant, abusing the dog as the scapegoat for your digestive ills and numerous other maladies which we blame on life that are truly related to foods. Having fun yet? We invite you to consider - how to keep the fun rolling while keeping the feel good vibes flowing?

Tip 1: Eat Before You Go
Showing up ravenous leads to overindulgence and even a small amount of almonds or hummus can go a long way in preventing a butter-laden Chex Mix overdose later.

Tip 2: Drink Water or Sparkling Water Between Each Cocktail
When wine is flowing, good choices are often muted. Consciously choosing to drink water between every cocktail hydrates what alcohol depletes while also gifting a reset opportunity.

Tip 3: Choose Protein
Sugar begets more sugar and once that train leaves the station it can be hard to slow down. Opting for protein often helps balance cravings for sugars. Seek out the hummus and veggie tray and scan the buffet for dishes that include smoked turkey or salmon.

Tip 4: Just say No
Learn your trigger foods. These are foods that create inflammation which manifests in unique ways for each person. Some signs that certain foods aren’t working for you? Digestive ails, low energy, weight holding, cravings and allergies are but a few of the signs.

Tip 5:  Just say Yes
Splurge on foods you know may not be the best choices but also don’t have the personal consequences of a food which creates inflammation. Maybe eggs make you irritable and sink your energy but gluten appears to work okay in moderation. Opt for a nibble of the pannini over the quiche. Knowledge is power.

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