Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tidmore's

CLIENTS: Crystal & Todd Tidmore


Weight: 149 to 138 = 11 pound loss


  • POULTRY (esp. CHICKEN): Causes Inflammation resulting in Headaches, Backaches and Tailbone Pain
  • NIGHTSHADES: Cause Bloating and Severe Drowsiness/Energy Loss
  • DAIRY: Impacts Sinus Inflammation and severe Allergy Symptoms during "allergy season" also Impacts bloating
  • CITRUS: Causes Stomach Cramping and Digestive Issues; Strongly Impacts Moods
  • CAFFEINE: Causes Anxiety


“After hearing great testimonials from friends, I was eager to begin the LoveLife Method with my husband. I wanted to discover what foods were affecting my energy levels, moods, and allergy symptoms. As a mother, it is important, no critical, for me to feel good and have lots of energy to keep up with the pace of my family. When I'm "off", the entire family suffers and that's why I started this program while pregnant with our fourth child.

I knew that I needed to learn how to eat right to feel my best, and to eliminate the foods that were causing me to feel tired, grumpy, anxious and bloated. Because I was pregnant, Kim tailored the program to fit my needs and I consulted with my doctor so that we monitored weight loss and diet.

At the start of the program, I was at the highest weight I have ever registered on a scale (and unfortunately that wasn't "baby weight", it was just "fat" and bloating!). Cutting out caffeine, sugar and processed foods immediately had a positive effect on my body and mind. After just a few days I felt clear-headed, focused and could actually see my body shape change once the bloating subsided. Not to mention, I have never slept so well in my whole life!

All of these changes were great, but the most shocking change was my pain levels. Little did I know that foods could impact pain. When Kim encouraged me to include my head, back and tailbone pain in my daily monitoring spreadsheet, I thought she was crazy. However, since she's the professional, I agreed to indulge her. Personally, I didn't think anything could cure my horrible tailbone pain that I've lived with for 10 years after breaking my tailbone snowboarding. The pain had escalated so much in the months prior to starting the program that I couldn't even sit through a movie or even dinner because it hurt so badly. After one week of the program, I was totally pain free. This was unbelievable to me and to my husband who has had to deal with my complaints from these annoying pains. Within 1 hour of integrating chicken back into my diet, I suddenly had a headache, backache, and my tailbone hurt again! I was instantly reminded that I had been living pain-free since starting the program.

Overall the program taught me and my husband to pay attention to how foods affect us and our children, to listen to our bodies, and to encourage others to do so as well. We both feel like the LoveLife Method was the best investment we have ever made in terms of our health. We are confident that the tools we've learned from the program will minimize our trips to the doctor's office and will add years to our life. Thanks, Kim!”

Weight: 204 to 186 = 18 pound loss

  • NIGHTSHADES: Impact Weight Holding, Increase Congestion and Decrease Mental Clarity
  • CHICKEN: Impacts Digestion and Energy Levels

"I went into this process with a couple of goals...figure out why I couldn't get below the 200lb mark and figure out a way to have more energy throughout the day. I had an idea that my diet was the culprit however I had no idea how to figure out which foods were at fault.

Kim's program was a huge help in determining which foods I had sensitivities to and it was enlightening to immediately realize the benefits of her program. Although concerning at first, since I realized how much clearer my thinking became when I eliminated certain foods from my diet, was eye opening to the ways in which food effects all aspects of your being; mind, body, energy levels, sleep, etc.

My wife, Crystal, and I went through this together and we can always tell within a few hours when either one of us has eaten something we shouldn't. In the end, knowing which foods have adverse affects on us has been life-changing and we've had friends as far away as Italy wanting to give Kim's method a try once they hear (and see!) our results.”

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