Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mood & Food

Think the holiday frenzy is making you extra irritable? Parties, gifts, travel, and extra expectations from family, all heaped on top of an already busy life are indeed a recipe for dwindling patience. However, we invite you to consider the possibility that the source of irritation and mood swings isn’t solely related to life circumstances. 

What if we told you that there is a very real possibility that life’s circumstances could be handled much more gracefully if you were to find the foods that work for you while eliminating those that don’t? We know it sounds crazy, and it did to us too. In the early days of the program, we were surprised and delighted when we first heard accounts of increased levels of patience, compassion, and outlook on life. However, because we now see this so frequently, we are surprised when we do not see improvements in these areas. Increased patience = happier relationships, both with oneself and our loved ones.

What are the top food impacts on our mood levels?

Food Intolerances: 
One of the most profound impacts on our mood levels comes from discovering our personal food intolerances. Any food that is creating inflammation in our body, can also inflame our consciousness, decreasing our threshold for the little annoyances in life. It is common for each person to discover between 1-3 food intolerances; often one of those foods trigger mood level jumps and slumps. 

Through an elimination of the most common food triggers along with a methodical reintegration and simultaneous tracking of key areas (including energy, weight, mood, digestion, allergies, pain and more), clients are able discover how to use food to create more positive mood levels. Whether citrus, garlic, or gluten, learning how specific foods affect our mood has far reaching effects on every other area of our lives.

Higher Quantities of Plants
Like mom always said - eat your vegetables! Vegetables, especially the green ones, create a more alkaline state, offsetting the acidic nature of processed foods prevalent in the standard American diet. Becoming more alkaline is often associated with more positive mood states.
Processed Foods & Refined Oils: 
Processed foods provide little in the way of nutritive value and, in fact, leave our bodies constantly wanting more, triggering a cascade of food cravings. Food cravings often lead to a perpetual hybrid of hungry and angry, resulting in H’angry states. Replace processed foods with nutrient dense whole foods and veggies.

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