Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In our Client's Words

"The Love Cleanse is a game changer. Our entire executive team went
through Kim's program together and we all increased our performance, health and energy. I recommend it to anybody."

- Clayton Christopher, Founder of Sweet Leaf Tea and Deep Eddy Vodka

“When I began working with Kim I had chronic allergy attacks that required daily medication and monthly allergy shots, lower back pain, mid afternoon energy slumps, the occasional tossing and turning at night and could not lose weight despite a healthy diet and exercise. Kim's program helped me discover my sensitivity to lemons and limes as well as gluten and dairy. With this knowledge in hand, I dropped 30 pounds in 30 days, my allergies disappeared, my back pain subsided, I sleep better than ever and I am energetic all day. The improvement in my clarity is paramount to my performance and I'm happy to report that 3 months later the benefits continue. Kim’s cleanse was a life changing event for me and as with most things in life, you will get out of the program what you put into it.”

- Charlie Pace, CEO, Smart Flour and SiteStuff, Inc.

“This program will really blow you away. It was really amazing and everyone I have referred to it agrees that it’s the best program they’ve tried. Kim is amazingly knowledgeable and has created a program that works with your body, not against it. I was never actually hungry and the symptoms were much milder than with other cleanses. I emerged full of life and energy. It’s truly a transformational experience.”

- Mason Arnold, Founder, Greenling Organics

“After working with Kim, I’ve noticed a quick and significant improvement in my general health and energy level. Having suffered from chronic allergies and nasal problems all my life, I had almost entirely lost my sense of smell. Now, my allergies and sense of smell have dramatically improved. I smelled a honeysuckle bush! I've also lost 14 pounds so far! Thank you!”

- Heather McKissick, CEO/President, Leadership Austin and mom of 2

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mood & Food

Think the holiday frenzy is making you extra irritable? Parties, gifts, travel, and extra expectations from family, all heaped on top of an already busy life are indeed a recipe for dwindling patience. However, we invite you to consider the possibility that the source of irritation and mood swings isn’t solely related to life circumstances. 

What if we told you that there is a very real possibility that life’s circumstances could be handled much more gracefully if you were to find the foods that work for you while eliminating those that don’t? We know it sounds crazy, and it did to us too. In the early days of the program, we were surprised and delighted when we first heard accounts of increased levels of patience, compassion, and outlook on life. However, because we now see this so frequently, we are surprised when we do not see improvements in these areas. Increased patience = happier relationships, both with oneself and our loved ones.

What are the top food impacts on our mood levels?

Food Intolerances: 
One of the most profound impacts on our mood levels comes from discovering our personal food intolerances. Any food that is creating inflammation in our body, can also inflame our consciousness, decreasing our threshold for the little annoyances in life. It is common for each person to discover between 1-3 food intolerances; often one of those foods trigger mood level jumps and slumps. 

Through an elimination of the most common food triggers along with a methodical reintegration and simultaneous tracking of key areas (including energy, weight, mood, digestion, allergies, pain and more), clients are able discover how to use food to create more positive mood levels. Whether citrus, garlic, or gluten, learning how specific foods affect our mood has far reaching effects on every other area of our lives.

Higher Quantities of Plants
Like mom always said - eat your vegetables! Vegetables, especially the green ones, create a more alkaline state, offsetting the acidic nature of processed foods prevalent in the standard American diet. Becoming more alkaline is often associated with more positive mood states.
Processed Foods & Refined Oils: 
Processed foods provide little in the way of nutritive value and, in fact, leave our bodies constantly wanting more, triggering a cascade of food cravings. Food cravings often lead to a perpetual hybrid of hungry and angry, resulting in H’angry states. Replace processed foods with nutrient dense whole foods and veggies.

Sunchoke Mashers

This week we're featuring another under-utilized tuber, the Sunchoke (aka Jerusalem artichoke). 

Maybe you're limiting starches in the evenings to help reach a weight loss goal or perhaps you've discovered that nightshades just don't work for you. Whatever your motivation, this fresh twist on an old favorite elegantly conquers the great potato void. Embodying the word comfort food with their creamy texture and mild flavor, these choke mashers are a welcome side at any dinner.

  • 2-3 pounds f Jerusalem Artichokes (aka Sunchokes)
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Himalayan Salt and black Pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened, plain Hemp Milk

Rinse and wash the Sunchokes cutting off and discarding any long tails. Place in a large stockpot and fill with 1 inch of water. Add sprinkle of HImalayan Salt. Bring to boil, reduce heat to medium high with lid on top. Keep an eye on the water level and continue adding more water in small increments as needed (too much water will make them mushy). 

Meanwhile, using garlic press, crush garlic cloves and place into small skillet with drizzle of olive oil. Saute the garlic until light brown. Add to Sunchokes while cooking.

Cook Sunchokes until the larges pieces are tender in the middle, generally between 30-40 minutes. Remove from stove top. Make sure water is boiled down or pour off remaining water. Add olive oil and 1/2 cup hemp milk. Using hand immersion blender or manual potato masher/ricer, blend sunchokes until they have a creamy consistency. Top with chives and an extra drizzle of olive oil.

Go Raw Organic Spicy Flax Snax

Little discs of crunch pack a major punch. Spicy, zesty and chalk full of protein and fiber, these Go Raw treats are sure to please the taste buds while also sating your belly. Dip them in your favorite hummus snack, slather with avocado or simply pop them into your mouth while on the go. Found at Whole Foods, Central Market, Wheatsville and People's Pharmacy.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tidmore's

CLIENTS: Crystal & Todd Tidmore


Weight: 149 to 138 = 11 pound loss


  • POULTRY (esp. CHICKEN): Causes Inflammation resulting in Headaches, Backaches and Tailbone Pain
  • NIGHTSHADES: Cause Bloating and Severe Drowsiness/Energy Loss
  • DAIRY: Impacts Sinus Inflammation and severe Allergy Symptoms during "allergy season" also Impacts bloating
  • CITRUS: Causes Stomach Cramping and Digestive Issues; Strongly Impacts Moods
  • CAFFEINE: Causes Anxiety


“After hearing great testimonials from friends, I was eager to begin the LoveLife Method with my husband. I wanted to discover what foods were affecting my energy levels, moods, and allergy symptoms. As a mother, it is important, no critical, for me to feel good and have lots of energy to keep up with the pace of my family. When I'm "off", the entire family suffers and that's why I started this program while pregnant with our fourth child.

I knew that I needed to learn how to eat right to feel my best, and to eliminate the foods that were causing me to feel tired, grumpy, anxious and bloated. Because I was pregnant, Kim tailored the program to fit my needs and I consulted with my doctor so that we monitored weight loss and diet.

At the start of the program, I was at the highest weight I have ever registered on a scale (and unfortunately that wasn't "baby weight", it was just "fat" and bloating!). Cutting out caffeine, sugar and processed foods immediately had a positive effect on my body and mind. After just a few days I felt clear-headed, focused and could actually see my body shape change once the bloating subsided. Not to mention, I have never slept so well in my whole life!

All of these changes were great, but the most shocking change was my pain levels. Little did I know that foods could impact pain. When Kim encouraged me to include my head, back and tailbone pain in my daily monitoring spreadsheet, I thought she was crazy. However, since she's the professional, I agreed to indulge her. Personally, I didn't think anything could cure my horrible tailbone pain that I've lived with for 10 years after breaking my tailbone snowboarding. The pain had escalated so much in the months prior to starting the program that I couldn't even sit through a movie or even dinner because it hurt so badly. After one week of the program, I was totally pain free. This was unbelievable to me and to my husband who has had to deal with my complaints from these annoying pains. Within 1 hour of integrating chicken back into my diet, I suddenly had a headache, backache, and my tailbone hurt again! I was instantly reminded that I had been living pain-free since starting the program.

Overall the program taught me and my husband to pay attention to how foods affect us and our children, to listen to our bodies, and to encourage others to do so as well. We both feel like the LoveLife Method was the best investment we have ever made in terms of our health. We are confident that the tools we've learned from the program will minimize our trips to the doctor's office and will add years to our life. Thanks, Kim!”

Weight: 204 to 186 = 18 pound loss

  • NIGHTSHADES: Impact Weight Holding, Increase Congestion and Decrease Mental Clarity
  • CHICKEN: Impacts Digestion and Energy Levels

"I went into this process with a couple of goals...figure out why I couldn't get below the 200lb mark and figure out a way to have more energy throughout the day. I had an idea that my diet was the culprit however I had no idea how to figure out which foods were at fault.

Kim's program was a huge help in determining which foods I had sensitivities to and it was enlightening to immediately realize the benefits of her program. Although concerning at first, since I realized how much clearer my thinking became when I eliminated certain foods from my diet, was eye opening to the ways in which food effects all aspects of your being; mind, body, energy levels, sleep, etc.

My wife, Crystal, and I went through this together and we can always tell within a few hours when either one of us has eaten something we shouldn't. In the end, knowing which foods have adverse affects on us has been life-changing and we've had friends as far away as Italy wanting to give Kim's method a try once they hear (and see!) our results.”