Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Kristin, Mother, Author & Distance Runner

CLIENT: Kristin Armstrong
WEIGHT: 125 – 116 = 9 pounds lost


  • TURKEY: Triggers bad headaches
  • SOY: Impacts weight gain
  • The Love Cleanse Green Juice
  • Dandy Tea
  • Quinoa with Black Beans & Avocado for breakfast
  • Superfood snack (totally overrides afternoon energy slup and evil munchies)
“I met with Kim to talk about the Love Cleanse, not having ever paid close attention to my nutrition before. I wasn't even really sure what I wanted to get from the Love Cleanse, but I wanted to be better educated about my body and my responses to food. I wanted to be able to fuel for optimal energy (for a race, or simply chasing my kids around!) and learn if there were any potential reactions to foods that I may have unknowingly attributed to something else.

Kim is wise about nutrition, insightful about people, and in general a very curious person. When you work with her, her curiosity is contagious and makes you feel excited about learning. I learned so much! I now know how to get back on track when I have veered off course nutritionally. I know how to better fuel for endurance running.  I know that I don't need caffeine or red wine (okay, maybe I do need some wine occasionally...) to book-end my day.  My palette and my recipe box expanded with this new information.

The whole experience has blessed me with better health, better sleep, more energy, less allergies and colds, and a beneficial impact on my children. They see the good choices I make and it encourages them to take greater care of their nutrition.

If you are debating about trying the Love Cleanse, stop debating and start doing. Give yourself the gift that allows you to give even more to the people and purposes that matter to you. I used to think of food in terms of "helpings" now I think of it in terms of "helping." Food heals - but we have to know where we're broken, and what specifically meets our unique requirements. Go ahead - give yourself a little Love."

 - Kristin Armstrong
Mother of three amazing kids, Distance runner, Contributing Editor for Runner's World Magazine, Author of six books including Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run

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