Monday, February 13, 2012

Billy & Lucy Reagan

CLIENTS: Lucy & Billy Reagan

  • CHICKEN: Causes Stomachaches and Bloating
  • NUTS: Cause Headaches
  • DAIRY: Causes Weight Holding
  • 11 Pounds lost!

Quinoa and avocado for breakfast. "And I never new how much I liked cheese and steak till I gave it up!" 

I joined LoveLife Method a little hesitantly at first. I had a six Diet-Coke-a-day habit and felt I was at a good weight..not great but having birthed two kids I thought these last five pounds weren't going anywhere since I ate pretty healthy and worked out 6 days a week.

After my husband had been bugging me to do this cleanse with him for over a year, I finally thought I was mentally ready to give up my beloved diet coke's and give it a try. We talked to Kim and I went cold turkey on the Diet Cokes for a month and really had no problem giving them up...though my husband may tell a different story about my mood those first few days!

Then we started the cleanse and I became a believer! I drank the kool-aid or in the cleanses case the dreaded Green Juice...and I liked it! The first day went smoothly, the second day was not good, but the third day the clouds parted and I saw the light. I felt better, I slept better, my skin was glowing and I was dropping weight, fast. I still had my high energy levels from day one and was able to keep up my crazy workout regime..I had become someone who like to do two a day workouts. But I quickly realized I could drop a workout, to one a day, and still get great results while on this cleanse. 

dropped those last five pounds in about four days, and then I got much more could I lose? I got eleven pounds down very quickly and found my happy weight. We started integrating all the foods and the weight maintained...hmmm you mean my husband had been right about this cleanse? We continued on for a few weeks and I made a few shocking discoveries. Who knew but plain old grilled chicken, what I had always eaten when I was trying slim down, actually made me bloat and gain a pound or so over night?

Nuts gave me horrible headaches, perhaps why I always got a headache when we traveled, maybe it wasn't my toddlers but the nuts on the plane! I found that my good friend, Wine, gave me insomnia and weight gain....well then I quickly got reacquainted with vodka! I am through the cleanse now and still am maintaining my weight loss, my glowing skin, my wonderful sleep and am feeling like a new person! I still follow most of the nutrition guidelines I learned from this cleanse, with an occasional cheat here and there. But if I get off track I know how to get right back on thanks to Kim! I am even now a regular at the Whole Foods juice bar ordering my Green Juice a few times a week...something my pre-Diet Coke self would never have envisioned. It's truly been a wonderful experience and I would encourage everyone to do it!"


  • GLUTEN: Increases Cravings and impacts Energy
  • FISH: Increases Irritability and causes Low Energy
  • SOY: Increases Cravings
  • 23 Pounds lost!

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