Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Food as an Alternative to Botox

Stay tuned for LoveLife GLOW, a new community that offers tips and suggestions for how to age naturally, reflecting how good we feel internally and externally. 

Ok women, I confess. A combination of a healthy dose of vanity paired with curiosity has inspired me to study the effects of food on my skin. And I’m inspired by what I’ve discovered is possible over the years.

I had a memorable moment 15 years ago, one romantic afternoon sitting on the deck with a boyfriend at Au Berg Du Soleil in Napa. He asked a question that scratched the record, inquisitively inquiring with concern for my well-being, how I acquired the scars between my eyebrows.  His question took a moment to sink in, as my brow undoubtedly further furrowed, creating deeper “scars.”

My health was a mess! I had a double whammy: A life-time of chronic inflammation and health challenges paired with a decade long tanning obsession from 15-25, that was catching up. Despite eating what I thought was a healthy vegetarian diet since age 12, I was unwittingly eating foods that were making me sick and aging me prematurely. At 25 I had laugh lines and wrinkle creases in my furrow of a 45 – 50 year old. Ahemmmm, an unaltered one.

As my journey unfolded and I changed my diet, eliminating sources of inflammation, my health issues disappeared and I was amazed by how fantastic I could feel. An added bonus, I slowly began experiencing a receding of these wrinkles and an improvement in a lifetime of poor skin quality, that was directly correlated to foods. Now, ladies I want to be careful to say that I’m not a wrinkle hater and I understand their inevitability and I choose to embrace rather than erase them. But if there are self-care options that allow us to naturally feel better AND look better…..who amongst us can say no to that proposition?

How is it even possible for food to impact our skin?

Inflammation. It is at the root of everything, including aging. Food is one of the most profound sources of inflammation. Whether eating processed foods, sugar or our intolerant foods, these are one of the quickest youth zappers. They zap our energy, vitality and our youth.

When I drink wine, a former passion in my 20s that included a 140-bottle collection personally hand-picked from the wine countries, I look ten years older the next day. On special occasions, I choose it anyway, but the difference is I know why I don’t feel my best; I know why I’m not reflecting my best and most importantly I know how to get back on track.

Other foods that furrow my brow? Dairy is one of the biggest ones. In Chinese medicine they say dairy is one of the most aging foods. Whether due to dairy for the sake of dairy or dairy’s inflammatory effects in my body, it is not my friend.

What foods are wreaking havoc on your skin, aging you prematurely? While there are some common ones, we also each have our own specific triggers. How can you use food to not only feel your best, but also offer a long term built in natural botox alternative?

All LoveLife Method programs will now include tracking skin health, specifically youthfulness with foods. Some of the effects are immediate while others provide a boost for years to come.

Stay tuned for LoveLife GLOW, a new community that offers tips and suggestions for how to age naturally, reflecting how good we feel internally and externally.
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