Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rock Off Your Weight Loss Socks. For good.

Does watching the scale creep up get you down? We know this scenario well and we've put together some of our biggest insights when it comes to Why the Bulge Won’t Budge.

1. Eating Intolerant Foods, Even in Small Quantities. We’ve seen even a spritz of lemon pack on 2 pounds overnight. Ditto with a dash of soy, a morsel of gluten or a single splash of milk in your morning tea. Intolerant foods are one of *the* most important missing links in losing weight. Discovering this information for ourselves can be tricky. Elimination diets have been around for decades and are notoriously difficult to follow. But our system, unlike any other (insert self-promoting horn toot here), has many facets working in tandem to make identifying this information lightning years ahead of traditional methods.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep and Living With High Levels of Stress
We’ve all heard it before, stress doesn’t do a body good. But did you know that cortisol, the “stress hormone” can pack on pounds? Elevated levels of cortisol can make it impossible to shed unwanted weight. While sleeping, our body’s cortisol levels are lowered while other balancing hormones flood our system, reducing inflammation from the inside out. Inflammatory, intolerant foods are often at the root of sleep problems. Many of our clients are surprised to find that trace amounts of a common everyday food, was creating insomnia. Whether through balancing foods, lifestyle practices or better sleep hygiene - getting more rest bolsters your weight loss results.

3. Not Balancing Carbs and Proteins, for You
Are you eating animal proteins but wondering if you should be veggie? Or conversely, are you a vegetarian and can’t get the scale to budge? Each of our protein requirements are profoundly different. Some thrive with animal proteins. But which ones? How much? What times of day? Chicken is one of the highest sources of inflammation. (See above on inflammatory foods stopping weight loss in it’s tracks). Others of us, fare better as vegetarians. But identifying the optimal vegetable protein sources is key. Carbohydrates are also uniquely personal and essential in losing and maintaining weight loss. What types of carbs work best for you? How much? What times of day? Your body has all of these answers within it if you lay the groundwork to hear it’s responses.

4. Not Identifying Craving Triggers and Learning How to Keep Them Balanced Overcoming cravings demands willpower. But calling on willpower alone, over long periods of time leads to deprivation, failure and frustration. You want to use your cravings as a tool to identify *what* is causing cravings so you can learn how to balance them rather than becoming a slave to them.

Common causes of cravings?

  • Eating outside of your unique Carb-to-Protein Balance
  • Wrong foods at the wrong times of day
  • Inflammatory foods that trigger massive cravings
  • Processed foods and sugars

5. Failing to Nourish Your Body on a Cellular Level
When our body isn’t receiving the foods it truly desires, weight loss stalls. Eating a variety of alkalizing vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed organic animal proteins is optimal for providing the balance our bodies desire. And a food group all to it’s own - Green Juice - is another key element in providing cellfood.

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