Thursday, January 10, 2013

Carrie Hits Her Happy

Account Manager, Running, Yoga, Baking, Traveling and Family Gal

Carrie's Food Bloom:
  • Waking Energy: "2" to "9"
  • 2-5PM Energy: "5" to "2"
  • Overall Energy: "5" to "8"
  • Abdominal Discomfort: "8" to "0-1"
  • Mental Clarity: "5" to "8"
  • Night Congestion: "8.5" to "0"
  • Sneezing: "4" to "0"
New Favorite Foods: TLC Green Juice, Hemp Milk, Superfood, Coconut oil and Sunbutter

Happy Foods:“Even the littlest bit of protein will brighten my mood. If I feel energy and mood declining, I just eat a handful of nuts or have a Superfood shake and I'm back to good!”

Food Bloom Saboteurs:  

  • Citrus: Causes digestive issues and makes my face puffy
  • Cashews: Create digestive issues
  • Dairy: Increases hunger and causes water retention/weight gain
  • Nightshades: Disrupt sleep

From Carrie:

"I was completely amazed at how much the food I consumed had everything to do with the way I feel. The first week of detox was difficult, however, necessary to get to the amazing place I got to. By day 10 I was feeling unbelievable - my energy was a 10 from waking to 8-9pm at night. I slept like a rock every night and would wake up energized and optimistic about the day. My mental clarity and ability to focus were sharper than I could have ever imagined, day after day I was 'on', this was absolutely priceless. Another amazing 'win' was that I'm allergic to my cats, who spend their days lazily on our bed. So every night when I'd get into bed, I would start sneezing, get very congested and my eyes would itch. By about day 7 I had NO allergies in my bedroom at night. I honestly didn't believe it and thought it was just a fluke. However, when those allergies STILL haven't been back, nearly 3 months later - there is no other answer, but food!

I have been through other cleanses and food based diets over the years, however, none with coaching. Having my coach, Erin was the essential to my success. Erin was incredibly patient, and kind and knowledgeable. There were several instances where she picked up on food intolerances that I would have completely overlooked. Plus, knowing she would be watching what I ate all day made me honest and accountable. I really looked forward to her notes each day.

I know a couple of others who've been through The Love Cleanse whose experiences were completely different than mine - they had great experiences as well, just completely different. I would absolutely recommend The Love Cleanse for anyone who wants to know how they can feel and be the best they can be! It's a true investment in your self.”


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