Thursday, February 14, 2013


Like many of you, we heart our chocolate! We scour the globe and aisles of our favorite haunts to find chocolate that loves us back. Many chocolates are laden with loads of sugars, dairy, sweeteners, gluten and other ingredients that put it smack dab in the same category as Candy. But choose well and you can indulge without the unwanted effects. 

Whole Foods Raw Chocolate Brownie (pictured above) is the absolute healthiest and best chocolate lover's treat around! Why? Don't blink or you might miss the ingredients: Walnuts, Dates, Cacao. That's it.

It's the closest you can get to a gooey, chocolate brownie taste, without the usual suspects of agave, sugars and other sweeteners. The protein in the walnuts makes for a nice blood sugar stabilizer to counterbalance the hint of sweet from the dates, which translates increased cravings but all of the fun!

Our friends at New Earth make another of our faves with their Chocolate Goddess Clusters which are high and mighty in the raw chocolate lovers world. Moist, chewy and luscious we love these clusters. They do have a healthy dose of agave, not one of our favorite sweeteners, but notice how it effects you. Does it increase cravings? Or hit the spot? Found in Austin at the Daily Juice Cafe, People's Pharmacy and Whole Foods Market or online here.

Drink your cacao! Our favorite drinkable cacao comes from Daily Juice, the Girls on Film Superfood smoothie. Ingredients: Exotic Durian Fruit, Coconut Water, Cacao, Banana, Vanilla. Add pecans for a protein boost. And Kale to give it more alkalizing properties. Yummmm!

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