Monday, September 30, 2013

What’s an alkalizing activity? Getting Back to Basic

If you've been a LoveLife client you know we talk about alkalizing, A LOT. During Phase 1 we amp up nutrient dense foods, remove inflammatory foods, drink Green Juices and check in with our pH each day. But we also encourage what we call Alkalizing Activities which work in tandem with the dietary changes to get back to Basic. 

What's an "Alkalizing Activity" and how can they help our bodies increase our pH?

Here's the skinny:
  • Even if you are eating your absolute optimal diet,  when stress levels are high your pH will be more acidic.
  • Alkalizing Activities = More traditional spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga or prayer are wonderfully alkalizing but any activity that brings you into a state of expansiveness including laughing with your kids, spending time with a pet, or singing in the car also qualify.
  • Bring awareness to these activities - notice how you feel in this state. How are you holding your body? What does your breath feel like?
  • Aim to bring this awareness to more stressful moments.  Feeling annoyed in traffic? Perfect opportunity! Can you rustle up any of that same feeling you had when you were laughing with your kiddos last night?
  • Don't judge! Sometimes we can manifest the feeling from the alkalizing activity, sometimes we can't. This is a practice makes perfect kinda practice.
  • Deep breathing: For a quick fix, taking 5-10 deep breaths is an effective way to alkalize. Deep breathing is calming to the mind and spirit and allows more oxygen in. Without enough oxygen, our bodies are unable to clear everyday toxins, which you guessed it, are acidic.
  • Don't get too caught up in your  daily pH readings. Remember, stress is acidic! pH levels take a while to shift (we're talking months to a year) so try checking in a couple times a week instead.  Aim for a gradual increase.  When you dip, amp up your greens, drink a green juice and practice  your alkalizing activities.

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