Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Starting School on the Green Foot

So you hear it from us all the time, eating green paves the road to Alkalize Town. But as we load ourselves up with green goodness, how can we get our children on board, too? The start of a new school year is an ideal time to flex some new veggie skills. (The following tips work for grownups, too!) 

  • Snacks: We promise, we’re not trying to tell you kids are going to love kale chips (even though they might, even our grandpa does!) BUT we do think they may be excited about these green after school snacks waiting for them in the freezer. Recipe here.

  • Green Smoothies: Kids love ‘em, especially with a fun-to-say name. The Hulk, Monster Morning Mash, Green Machine are a few of our favorites. Bananas, berries, nut/seed butters and spinach make smoothies kid friendly while packing a nutritional punch. Still not jiving? Try a drop or two of vanilla for an easy zazz. 

  • Dips: Veggies go from Yawn to Yow! when paired with a fun dip. And who doesn't like ranch dressing? We think this homemade hemp seed version may just get your kid’s vote, too. Crazy tasty with fresh snap peas.
  • Veggie Noodles! No fancy gadgets needed. Simply take a wide vegetable peeler and run it down the length of a zucchini to create thin noodle-like strips. Saute with a bit of oil, top with your favorite marinara and a little cheese to please young palettes.

  • Let Veggies Shine: There’s loads of tips for hiding veggies in other foods but we’re all about showing them off. Pita pizzas are an easy weeknight meal and little hands can be part of the fun. Let them choose from chopped broccoli, diced squash and cherry tomatoes to make a colorful pizza face. Watch those veggies get gobbled up in a hurry.
Have any kid tested and approved food tips? We'd love to hear about them below in comments! 

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