Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Client Testimonial

CLIENT:  Leigh Perry Zielinski, Apple Computer

  • Citrus: Interrupted sleep
  • Nightshades: Inflammation/increased weight 
  • Chicken: causes fatigue
  • Soy: Inflammation/Increased weight
  • Gluten: Not completely intolerant but slight weight gain and digestive issues


"Participating in the Love Cleanse is one of the best things I have done for myself. Prior to starting the cleanse, I was battling constant hunger, fatigue, a weight that would not budge, and frustration. I was consumed with the negative. Thinking that I could potentially have a thyroid issue, I started Internet investigating. It was during my Nancy Drew moment that I came across The Love Cleanse.

After meeting with Kim, I was inspired, motivated, and dedicated to her program. Within the first week I started to see several improvements from weight loss to increased energy. These were the results that I needed to persevere. Over a course of several weeks, I was becoming more in touch with my body and learning how the various food groups that were being tested played into my nutrition routine. The testing was exciting and revealed intolerances that I would have never recognized on my own.

In summary, through The Love Cleanse, I have:
  • Found a daily diet that works for me
  • Lost weight
  • Increased my energy level
  • Found that I do not have a thyroid issue
  • Become a happier person (improved mood)

I am a big advocate of the program. Kim is absolutely wonderful to work with and the daily interaction with her kept me positive.

The time, preparation, and dedication needed for The Love Cleanse is extremely rewarding!"

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