Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From our Clients....

"The Love Cleanse has improved my quality of life.

I have tried countless other programs related to nutrition and fitness with only temporary success. This is because all of these programs addressed the symptoms of being overweight, but never the root causes.

With the Love Cleanse I found out what foods to avoid, and how those foods impact me at every level. That information now forms the basis of how I live each day.

I look better, I sleep better, my mood is better, I feel better - in short I am better - because of the Love Cleanse."

Dan Young
Vida Capital Executive and Father of 2
Read more about Dan's experience throughout the Cleanse here.


"I actually did this cleanse in support of my fiance. He was feeling low energy and was having a hard time focusing and suspected a food allergy. I thought to myself, why not do the cleanse with him. I'm so glad that I did. As it turned out, I had more sensitivities then he did! I had just learned to live with these sensitivities (rosacea, moodiness, etc.). 

During the cleanse, my energy soared and my skin looked better then ever. I also lost 20 pounds. My mood was better then ever, except when I integrated citrus. That was a hard couple of days, due to rotten mood and anxiety. But the good new is that I learned what citrus does to me. I've eliminated it from my diet and feel better then ever. 

I honestly wish that everyone I knew would do this cleanse. It feels good to be healthy!"
Kelley Huston
Voiceover Talent

"Committing to the Love Cleanse is the best gift to give yourself.  I can’t think of a viable excuse not to fully commit to the transformation it delivers.  My new ‘normal’ is ‘vibrant’, and best of all, whenever I feel a bit off, I now know exactly what to do to get back to feeling incredible."

Emily Villanueva
Vice President – Marketing, Catapult Systems
Mom of two under 5, and a distance runner
(Both after the kiddos and for herself


"I have always suspected that my overall health could be regulated with simple choices in my diet but never quite knew how to make those choices that were right for me, specifically. The Love Cleanse renewed my hope (and proved my suspicions correct) almost instantly. 

For over ten years I have struggled with a thyroid disorder and resented taking a pill each day to reach a "normal" level of energy. During my cleanse time, I experienced the highest level of energy that I had almost forgotten existed...and all this energy was coming from my food, not coffee or a thyroid supplement!"

Devon Haire
Greenling Organics


"I entered this program a little skeptical after trying many other types of "fad" diets. After talking with Kat and Kim, I decided to take the plunge and give it my all. I struggled the 1st week with all of the perfectly time shakes, tease, rice for breakfast, no meat, but I endeared. I was actually feeling fantastic after only the 1st three days on the program. More energy, sleeping better, and a better outlook on life. 

I could not tolerate the Dosha tea at all, so it was dumped from the program, minimal loss in my opinion. The train kept on moving. After beginning to reintegrate foods one at a time, obviously all meat groups 1st so that I could start getting back my read meat. I was surprised to find that many of the side items I enjoyed adding to my meals, eggs, onions, dairy were not doing my system any good. After keeping in touch with Kat throughout the tough times, we were able to narrow down what was working as expected and what to move past. Over the 1st two weeks I lost 15 lbs as a side effect! Everyone was asking what I was doing and then couldn't believe that I was able to follow such a program.

These days, I do my part to shop right so that I am more apt to choose the right foods in my house and continue down this path Kim and Kat have created for me. This is a lifelong change for me and I will continue to call on these girls for support as circumstances change.

Thanks Kim And Kat for starting a revolution in nutrition knowledge!"

Jimmy Studzinsk
Dental Sales Professional


"The Love Cleanse proved to be an ongoing useful experience in my everyday eating habits. I was able to get some real insight into what was causing some of my cravings, mood swings, and down spiraling energy levels. I was also able to identify those foods which added some weight gain over the years. I'm now able to identify those foods which intensified my cravings, irritability, allergies, and what lowered my overall energy levels. 

With this new found knowledge I know which foods work best and those that work against me. And last but not least, the cleanse provided some weight loss that I've continued to keep off!"

Christi Corbitt
Pure Austin Trainer

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