Monday, August 1, 2011

Raw Mineral Crusts

We are so in love with these Raw Mineral Seed Crusts from Mauk Family Farms that we’re considering purchasing them in bulk and making them a part of our client kits! A crisp, nutty flavor with a hint of caramelized sweetness will have you hooked. Soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated at low temperatures, your body will soak these up as much as your taste buds. Dip into Out to Lunch Black Bean Dip or your personal favorite hummus. Great by itself, on the run, and in between meetings. Or slather your favorite tomato sauce on top for a raw pizza crust. Mmmmmineral rich and scrumptious!


  1. I want these! Did you find them online or in the store? I checked Whole Foods...

  2. Hi Amy! Yes, they are fantastic. If you've cleared nightshades,we also love one of their other varieties as much or better - their wheat free crusts.

    Vitacost is the most reasonable vendor we have found, so far. Enjoy!

    Congrats on all of your discoveries and success!