Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fave Product: Inventive Eco-Organic Environmental Cleanser

Austin’s skincare gurus have a healthy assortment of opinions and recommendations. But on one there is unanimous consent.

Owners Jessica Slutsky of Sabia and Tracy Bethel of Aloe Skin + Body and many others all rave about Inventive Eco-Organics Skin Care line.

Inventive Eco-Organics is 100% organic, locally crafted and results driven. Innovations such as ozonated oils including an ozonated Jojoba Oil allow deeper penetration of the moisturizing properties along with antibacterial and antifungal properties for acne prone skin types.

Inventive’s Environmental Cleanser, offers the gratification of sudsing, without the stripping or pH imbalancing effects of many foaming cleansers. With both grapefruit and tea tree oil it effectively removes impurities and excess oils but it’s emollient properties also soothe, leaving the skin sparkling clean and dewy. This is my new favorite cleanser, especially heading into some drier winter months.

Head over to Sabia or to Aloe Skin + Body to see the entire line and to find the best options for your skin. Or shop online here.

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