Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot Love Soup Maestra gets her Cleanse on!

Katie Visco, Hot Love Soup Maestra and Community Cultivator, Lover of sharing meals over good conversation, running, being outside, laughing, asking questions, traveling, loving life, nutrition, meeting new people, growing deeper, learning new things, moving my body, and cooking for people!

Katie's Food Bloom:

  • Bloating: "7" to "0"
  • Hunger: "7" to "0-1"
  • Cravings: "5" to "0"
  • Maintained her rockstar energy levels of "8" and "9" throughout the day

New Favorite Foods:
"I absolutely love the Superfood Snack! I crave it...with coconut water! Also, I can't get enough Wild Steelhead Trout, steamed with some baby spinach! And, gotta mention that I actually crave my own Hot Love Soup! My favorite is the Cold Beet Avocado Carrot Dill with Sunflower Seeds perfect, can even add beans, and better yet, some quinoa to it for more oomph!"

Happy Foods: "A standard breakfast of gluten-free whole grains - quinoa is my fave - with olive oil, avocado, coconut manna, kelp flakes, cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric makes me feel like I can do anything the rest of the day!!! Also, soaking beans overnight and cooking with a strip of Kombu makes all the difference in the world when trying to increase digestibility."

Food Bloom Saboteurs:
  • Red Meat: Slows down digestion
  • Tomatoes: Impact digestion
  • Garlic: Impacts digestion
  • Onions: Cause Bloating

From Katie:
"The Love Life Method program has utterly change my life. I can't speak highly enough about the clarity and knowledge it has brought into my life - mind, body and spirit. I have learned that this life-long food journey is about me, and only me. It is about how I feel, and only my unique self/body can come to conclusions, whether they be backed by dogma or science...or not. I can detach from the dogma and science and still draw conclusions, for me. My own body/mind/spirit are the only players in this game;) Thanks to the LLM coaches and program for helping me get to this understanding.

The LLM program has helped me to create more presence and peace around food. I came into this program struggling with being present and sated at social gatherings when there was so much yummy food around. I thought I had to "take care" of eating the food or else it would go to waste. Or, that I should "take advantage" of all the yummy food by eating it because when someone gives you their food, they give you their heart. How could I not eat their food? Now, I have seen a considerable change; I don't get anxious or preoccupied anymore around food because I have the newfound knowledge of what foods are best for me, and which are not. So, I am ok passing up food being served based on this knowledge and peace;)

Cravings have gone down to nearly "none" because I am learning/have learned what foods are best for me, and how GREAT I feel when eating the LLM "phase-1 way." This causes me to not want or need foods that I used to crave like sweet treats, ice cream, bread, etc. Mentally, I don't need them anymore because I know how great I feel while eating the foods that are WHOLE and way better for MY body.

LOVE IT!!!!!"

- Katie V.

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