Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jennifer L. Blooms!

Jennifer L: LMT, C.Ped., Adventure traveler, hiker, yogi, scuba diver

Jennifer's Food Bloom:
  • Weight Lost: 13 pounds
  • Energy: 5-8 pm: "4" to "8.5"
  • Overall Energy: "6" to "8.5"
  • Cravings: "4" to "0"
  • Digestive Symptoms: "6" to "2"
  • Memory: "5" to "8.5"
  • Stress: "4" to "2"
  • Irritability: "3" to "0"
  • Allergies: "5" to "1"
  • Rash: "7" to "2"

New Favorite Foods:
"I love having quinoa with a little olive oil, avocado and black beans for breakfast. Love the Superfood Snack with coconut water. Love steamed cauliflower with a little sea salt. Love substituting coconut aminos in recipes that call for soy sauce. Love green juice as a pick me up in the afternoon."

Happy Foods: "Superfood snack at midmorning helps eliminate almost all food cravings for the rest of the day.Green juice in the afternoon energizes me for the rest of my work day. Keeping sugar out of my diet reduces inflammation and keeps my joints happy."

Food Bloom Saboteurs:
  • Fruit creates bloating and digestive issues
  • Almonds create itching
  • Garlic creates incurable insomnia
  • Tomato creates sinus allergy symptoms and insomnia
  • Chili powder creates GI upset and digestive issues
  • Corn Chips create inflammation and exacerbate sinus symptoms
  • Cabbage and Brussels sprouts create joint discomfort and inflammation

From Jennifer
"I had discovered the LLM website a couple of years ago and had it in the back of my mind for a long time, before I decided to try the program. I have been completely gluten free for years and had very little soy or dairy in my diet for a long time as well, but I knew there were still some food sensitivities that I just couldn't work out on my own. My environmental allergies were so debilitating I had considered allergy shots or even leaving Austin!
I wasn't sure LLM could help me (and some of my friends were skeptical too) because I had worked so hard to clean up my diet already. There really are some things that people just don't think about, like food triggering the environmental allergy symptoms, instead of the other way around.
Within the first 10 days of the program most of my allergies had reduced so much, I realized that my environmental allergies were actually driven by food intolerances/sensitivities. 2 weeks into the program I was completely surprised that I needed almost no supplements or meds for allergies! Once I removed the offending foods, my allergies have been almost non-existent. It's fantastic to be able to breathe each morning when I wake up and for my joints to feel so good. Outside is actually a place I want to be again. I've also lost a bit of weight and my energy, mental focus and clarity is better than it has been in years. I won't's challenging to eat this way, but the benefits are so wonderful that I definitely think twice before eating something I know will trigger my allergies. LLM has taught me how good I can feel all of the time and I now have the education and knowledge to make more intelligent choices about food every day. I love that I have such a great baseline diet to go back to after periods where eating clean isn't available, and that I can get back to feeling great very quickly.
This is such a fantastic program...especially for me as I was already on the path, but I really had some missing pieces that this program put together for me!"

- Jennifer L.

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