Monday, November 5, 2012

Kathy says goodbye to hot flashes and nearly 30 pounds, too!

Executive, Book and football lover

Kathy's Food Bloom:
  • Weight Lost: 29 pounds
  • Blood Pressure reduced
  • Sleep Quality: "2" to "7.5"
  • Wake throughout night: 20x per night to 2x per night
  • Hot Flashes: 10x per night to start, now entirely eradicated
  • Overall Energy: "5" to "8"
  • Cravings: "8" to "0"
  • Stress: "10" to "2"
  • Back Pain: "8" to "2"
  • Arthritis Pain: “8” to “2”
New Favorite Foods: Blueberries, spinach, kale, quinoa with avocado

Happy Foods: Green Juices help with weight loss and reducing back pain

Food Bloom Saboteurs:  

  • Nuts, Gluten, Soy increase hot flashes, decrease energy, cause sleep disruptions and headaches

From Kathy:

"I started this program as a diet - needing to lose a significant amount of weight. Instead I have discovered a way of life. I no longer crave unhealthy foods and when I am traveling I find I can't wait to get home and cook up a big batch of healthy vegetables. It is possible to travel every week and remain true to the principals of the program - yes it takes extra planning and packing, it takes commitment to finding restaurants that will honor your preferences, but it is doable! I travel almost every week all around North America and have discovered enough restaurants that will work with me. If I can't find one, I rely on the avocado, pumpkin seeds and Lydia's cereal that I take from home to get me through. The LoveLife Method"
- Kathy Kerr

*Update March 6th, 2013:
I also wanted to tell you two great things about my health - I took myself off cholesterol meds last fall and was just retested and have no need to go back on meds!  Secondly my cardiologist told me that I have successfully reversed the thickening of my heart wall that was there when he first started treating me 5 years ago. He said the combination of the eating, exercise and controlling my blood pressure has made me younger :) Thanks again for helping to change my life - I am slowly getting my husband on board too. I am in town this week so we are doing a veggie reset week together!" -  Kathy

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