Thursday, November 8, 2012

Skin by Ann Webb - a top fave!

I first met Ann Webb 8 years ago when I was helping open a wellness center in Austin called Plum Blossom. The concept that what we put on our body was as important as what we put *in* our body was a new one at the time, with Ann at the helm of what many now take for granted. 

Ann is a bright light with even brighter skin, a testament to her life work and passion. Skin by Ann Webb is one of Whole Foods top selling skin care lines for good reason. Ingredients are all natural, cutting edge and both effective and affordable. 

Her cleansers are some of my favorites and I personally use her delicious smelling Peppermint Milk Cleanser in the winter and migrate to the Spearmint Tea Cleanser for a more sudsing cleanser in the sweltering summer months. 

Ann's philosophy for affordable skin care also extends to her facials. Her AW Customized Facial for new clients is $65 and will leave you with the signature Ann Web glow!

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