Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Group Member Annie ROCKS out her TLC!

Before & After: 3 weeks & 11 pounds

Owner, SkinOwl Consulting
Traveling the globe little by little, hanging with my puppy, being outdoors, makeup artistry

Food Rewards
  • Weight: 11 pounds lost
  • Overall Energy levels throughout the day are very steady and high at "8"s where at PreProgram there was much more flux
  • Late Afternoon/Evening energy: Up from "5" to "8"
  • Cravings: Decreased from "5" to "0"
  • Anxiety: Reduced from "4" to "0"

New Favorite Foods

I am in love with the Superfood Shake. I add a half of a banana and it keeps me full for a good portion of the day! I also have to say that I'm in love with cranberry beans. Fun to cook with and filling.

I also fell in love with making tea. Having tea at night, after dinner, is still a part of my life. It nightcaps any stress in the day and relaxes me before I drift to sleep.

Food Discoveries
  • Nightshades: Swelling, fogginess, bloating
  • Spicy foods: Mild anxiety, swelling, bloating, confusion
  • Corn: Bloating, Addictive qualities

More From Annie
In the beginning, I was nervous. I hadn't had very good discipline in the past

when it came to diets and elimination cleanses, but I'm happy to report, this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. In sum, this program was one of the most hand's on, customized, supportive operations I've ever been a part of. Every day, I knew I had an arsenal of support, whether waiting for me in my inbox or within the Facebook Group. I felt encouraged daily and the amount of support I received never wavered. It is what got me through as I look back on the last three weeks. 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything Kim, Erin, and this program has done to encourage me, push me, and motivate me. It goes without saying that I feel SO much more in control of my body, my mind and my overall level of discipline. I know what does my body good and what distracts my body from feeling its best. Its felt like a lot longer than 3 weeks, which a good feeling, There are routines and recipes I will indulge in for the rest of my life and lessons that will last a lifetime. 

Onward and upward! I have the knowledge and now I can have the results whenever I need them!" - Annie

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