Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Segars Find What Works for THEM, Together



Food Rewards
  • Weight: Lost 10 pounds
  • Sleep Quality: "5" to "9"
  • Waking Energy: "4” to “6”
  • 2-4 PM Energy: "4” to “8”
  • Cravings: "5” to “0-1”
  • Hunger: "5” to “0”
  • Bloating: "6” to “0”Anxiety: "3" to "0

New Favorite Foods
Breakfast has become our favorite! Now that we have incorporated more foods - our typical breakfast is quinoa, avocado, green onion, tomato, and hot sauce. So good!

Food Discoveries
I didn't have any major food intolerances - but I must say, now that my energy is up  and I feel better overall - when I do have a couple of glasses of wine, I definitely notice it the next day! I have also found that light snacks throughout the day really help keep my energy and metabolism up.

From Karen
Josh and I really enjoyed this program. The structure of it (and treating our bodies like a scientific experiment) really helped with our success. There were definitely ays that we were "h'angry," but luckily we tended to be offset from each other. So, while one of us would be grumpy, the other could keep motivation and will power up. Part of the appeal of this program is the length of time - it set us up to create good habits with 

We already incorporated some vegan meals in our diet, but now we rarely have dairy or meat (still have eggs somewhat regularly). Also, cutting out processed foods has inspired us to expand our cooking repertoire - from baking bread to making pasta and salad dressings from scratch - and we love it!” - Karen


Food Rewards
  • Weight: Lost 30 pounds
  • Heartburn: "10" to "0"
  • Waking Energy: "3" to "7-8"
  • 2-4 PM Energy: "2" to "7-8"
  • Overall Energy: “5” to “8”
  • Cravings: "4" to "0"
  • Bloating: "8" to "0"
  • Mental Clarity, Focus & Memory: "3" to "7-8"
  • Sinus Congestion: "5" to "0"
  • Itchy Eyes: “5” to “0”
  • Neck Pain: “4” to “1-2”
  • Back Pain: “5” to “1-2”

New Favorite Foods
Quinoa for breakfast! My wife and I add avocado, tomato and green onion. Sometimes we spice it up with an egg cooked over-easy or some black beans. Mmmm!

Food Discoveries
  • Nuts & Coconuts: These guys are killers for me. Within just a few minutes of eating, my energy tanks and I feel anxious, light-headed and queasy. I can't believe I never noticed it before.

From Josh
The first two weeks were very tough for me. I was questioning the potential effectiveness of the program and was really concerned it wouldn't work for me. Week three wasn't stellar but I started seeing at least some improvement. Unfortunately, fat, salt and processed foods were still haunting me to the point that I was literally dreaming about bad foods at night! By week four I was still struggling but I felt empowered to continue, and was becoming addicted to the weight loss, foods, and new found energy. Then, after sussing out nuts and coconut as intolerant foods, everything really lit up and I finished the program on a high.

The LoveLife Method resonated with me on a personal level before ever starting the program. I loved the methodical nature of it and its focus on the individual. It never made sense to me to follow a diet designed for the masses. Sure there may be data supporting a fad diet's effectiveness for a percentage of the population, but everyone is unique. LLM's approach was geared toward the individual. Even though my wife and I completed the program together, we both found our own intolerances and nuances, and adjusted our diets accordingly. Although my results did come quickly, the LLM wasn't just a
quick fix either. It laid the groundwork for a life long diet specifically tailored to my body and my tastes.

So the program was great, but what about the dreaded rebound? Well, as I write this over a month after completing the program, I am maintaining a 30 pound weight loss, higher energy levels and fewer allergy issues. My wife and I even enjoy an occasional splurge night without much guilt because we truly enjoy healthier options and easily revert back to eating our new favorites from the program. 

Kim and Erin, I can't thank you enough. The Love Life Method was a great experience that will stay with me a lifetime.” - Josh

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