Thursday, May 30, 2013

Short on time? Dial ‘this’ in to get more!

As you know by now, we talk a LOT about food. And, there is no denying that discovering our personal diet, is a secret weapon to looking and feeling our best. 

But of course, there’s more to this story than how we fuel with food. We also fuel our body and mind with our daily activity levels. Exercises benefits are undeniable. 

Now, as a health coach you’d think I’d have no excuses, right? Up until 2 years ago that would be a resounding Yes! Since first joining my Dad at the health club when I was 14, I’ve been addicted to the power of movement and strength. 

However, recently, I’ve let things slide, and while I’m not overweight by any stretch (thanks to optimizing foods), I know how much better I feel when I’m active and fit.

So what’s MY excuse? Lack of time. 

But as we all know this is totally bogus. I am actively choosing to prioritize work over my health and well-being. 

Sound familiar?

Time is a sneaky excuse and whether it’s diet or exercise it’s too easy fall prey to this one. But we are worth more. 

Read on to find out how to tell Time who’s boss and to take the reigns on our motivation. I’ll be revisiting this tool with you!


Get out a pen and paper. Follow these 3 steps in a journal to take the reigns on your motivation.

Connecting with our source of motivation is essential. It all starts with “Why”. Without this, we are aimlessly pulled in different directions. 

What are your pain points? Write them down. 

  • For Diet: Maybe you are tired of having digestive issues. Or you’re tired of being tired and you know that food can help you. 
  • For Exercise: You are tired of not feeling strong or in shape. Or maybe you’ve gained weight and can’t fit into your pants. Perhaps you’re not sleeping as well. 
  • Free-Flow journal on what’s not working for ya and throw it all down. There’s no right or wrong. This is all uncensored and viewed only by you. 
  • While it is important to acknowledge what isn’t working, we also don’t want to dwell here, especially because chances are high that we already remind ourselves of these pain points, through negative self-talk.

Now that you’ve tapped into what’s not working, let’s move on to what you would rather create in your life. This is the fun part! Envisioning is key to success and is used by world-famous athletes like Michael Jordan to well known financial tycoons such as John D Rockefeller. Masters in their field know the value of envisioning and imagining your desired outcome. 

  • Close your eyes. Imagine how you want to feel. Run with it for 60 seconds or more. Visualize it. Feel it. 
Put it on your calendar. What can you move to tell yourself you’re worth it? As Stephen Covey says: “The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” 

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