Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laura Goes Way Beyond a Cleanse

Marketing Director, Push Pedal Pull
Hobbies: Running around Austin with my 2 year old son

This breakfast is an energy powerhouse for me: quinoa with avocado and scrambled eggs. No better way to start the day.


  • Dairy: Causes congestion and sneezing
  • Gluten:  Causes bloating and breakouts
  • A glass of Green Alkalizer first thing in the morning is better than any cup of coffee or energy drink for me!

I have more consistent energy throughout the day... no more need for that extra shot of caffeine in the middle of the afternoon.

I also lost 5 pounds and no longer have a bloated tummy so my clothes fit much better.

Finally, I have more skills in the kitchen! I've learned how to cook healthy, whole, clean foods for myself and my family. I'm excited that my son will grow up learning how to do it for himself too.

When I signed up for this program, it was because I just came off a week of "partying" with family to celebrate my son's 2-year birthday. Normally I'm a very clean eater so a week of eating junkie foods left me feeling yucky and depleted of valuable energy.

Since it’s a significant financial and time commitment, I took the program very seriously and followed each step of the program to a T. All I can tell you is that I got way more out of it than I expected. I joined the program to clean up my diet and gain more energy but along the way I also lost those "last 5 pounds" and my skin has never looked better! I've spent tons of money on dermatologists and fancy skin creams over the years....the biggest thing I took away from the program is that if I give my body the nutrient-rich clean/whole foods that it craves, my body does the rest.

If anyone is on the edge about whether or not to do this program, I'd tell you it's a commitment... but it's worth it. If you put yourself into it 100%, it will give back to you 10x and your life will never be the same again. - Laura

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