Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 5 Summer Travel Tips

It's August 1st and for a lot of us, this month includes some precious time off. How can we keep our healthy habits rolling while we're away from home? Read on for our top tips we try our best to stick to when vacations come a-callin'. 

The day you ink in your vacay on the calendar, count three days out and plan on rocking a mini Reset. Kick the processed foods, load up on fresh veggies and aim for a Green Juice each day. You’ll be way ahead of the curve come take-off time.

Snacks, snacks, snacks - we love snacks! Basically a daily mantra around here but one we really get our pompoms behind when we’re set to travel. Unfortunately, gas stations and vending machines haven't quite caught up so we hit the bulk section of the grocery store before we hit the road. Seek out easy proteins that don’t require refrigeration: low sodium or unsalted nuts and seeds being top choices. Add a baggie of baby carrots and snap peas to the mix and we’re willing to bet you’ll have a few folks joining you for snack time. Two of our favorite prepackaged snacks that travel exceedingly well: 

Once we have our basic itinerary planned, we looooove heading over to Google Maps and letting the “Search Nearby” feature find local restaurants, caf├ęs, grocery stores and even juice bars close to our hotels and areas of interest. Helpful keywords include: co-ops, vegetarian, vegan, farm-to- table, organic, local grocery. These terms return results we may have not thought of and we’re able to plan for at least a meal or two. Hint: Breakfast is often the time of the day it’s easier to squeeze in a meal on the healthier side of the spectrum. At a roadside diner? Opt for some fresh fruit and load your omelet up with veggies. If everything else that follows leans towards indulgence, you can feel good about kicking off the day the right way. 

Hey, this is your vacation! If you want to indulge, go for it and check the guilt at the door. If you deny yourself to the point of feeling punished, it can be near impossible to enjoy your time away. So go ahead! Savor every bite of that creamy fettuccine and relish every drop of your favorite glass of Pinot. Know that when you get home you can get right back on track (plan on it) and indulge with a smile - you’re in control. 

Ahhh, you’re home and back in the driver’s seat. After a vacation, we’re often toting a few extra pounds (hello fettuccine + Pinot), maybe dealing with some bloating and not feeling 100% in the energy department. Use these body signals as motivation to get back into your groove. But with all that laundry to do and emails to answer who has time to make a healthy meal? Here’s the trick: make a quick veggie soup or batch of beans BEFORE your trip and freeze so you have a wholesome meal waiting for you upon your return. Bonus points for ordering a CSA basket to arrive the day after you do so you have a rainbow of veggies to Reset with. 

Sugar cravings are also often at their peak after a few days of carb loading and cocktails (read: sugar begets the want for more of the same). Take a deep breath and be sure you're hitting protein timings throughout the day - this will help you tell sugar who's back in town.


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