Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Allergies Getting You Down? We Can Help!

If you suffer from allergies, it’s right about this time of year that your fuzzy green land of enchantment turns on you and has you wondering….why, oh why do I live in this city, again?!?

One of the most common complaints that our clients begin with prior to The Love Cleanse, is allergies.   Clients often inquire – “But it shows on my allergy tests, that I’m allergic to pollens!  This doesn’t have anything to do with foods, does it?”

Actually, it often does.  If a client is consuming a food, which is creating internal inflammation each and every day, one of the most common manifestations of this inflammation is hypersensitivity to our environment.  If you quell the internal fire and over-stimulation, the reactions to the external triggers will subside.

And different foods can trigger different “environmental allergens”.  I’m reminded of a client I worked with last fall who showed up with massive mold allergies, which often sent her leaping into the arms of the nearest doctor with cortisone shots.  As she went through the program, she was surprised and elated to discover that her “allergies” disappeared.  She identified that they were related to tomatoes.  

In January of that same year, she called me and said – “It’s not working anymore!   I was great all fall and winter but now I’m miserable with Cedar Fever!”.  So we went through a process of identifying what she could be eating which was triggering her “allergies”.  We quickly honed in on citrus.  She and her husband had a citrus grove and she was eating large quantities of lemons, limes and oranges for the Vitamin C content.  Upon removing citrus, her Cedar woes vanished.

Our bodies are brilliant megaphones shouting to us through our symptoms to heed its call.  Every sneeze, sniffle and scratch is a gift decked out with a shiny red bow!  Why put a band-aid on it?  Unwrap it and dive in to discover what’s inside.  It might surprise you.

Top 5 Foods that Trigger Seasonal Allergies:
Any food that creates inflammation could be the culprit for triggering a response to seasonal allergens.  However, these are the most common our clients have discovered:
  • Dairy
  • Citrus
  • Chicken
  • Nuts
  • Tomatoes

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