Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thai Fresh: Specializing in Cleanse Compliant Meals

909 West Mary Street
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 494.6436
Click here for a map of all of the Love Cleanse Restaurant Partner locations in Austin.

Upon moving to Austin 12 years ago after a stint in San Francisco – I visited every Thai Restaurant in town searching for the authentic Thai Food by which I’d become spoiled.  10 years later the Thai Prima Donna in me was finally satiated with the opening of Thai Fresh!  Jam Sanitchat grew up in Thailand and began cooking with her Grandmother at age 5.   Authentic, fragrant curries, Pad Thai and Veggie Stir Fries are their specialties. They offer market style Thai Food available to dine in or take out. 

During Phase 1 and the early parts of Phase 2 – Thai Fresh is your best bet!  If you are participating in the Concierge Program, we will deliver a cleanse compliant Thai Fresh stir-fry and citrus free hummus each day.  On the Self Pick up or TLC programs, you may order your own.  

After Phase 2 Reintegration, branch out and try their most flavorful dishes like the Papaya Salad or Panang Curry.

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