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The Vida Crew: Join their Journey!

Jeff, Dan & Ed with their Love Cleanse juice in hand!

The Vida Crew

Meet Dan, Jeff and Ed, three executives working together and highly motivated to transform their lives. Currently on Day 7 of their Ultimate Concierge Program, this trio agreed to share their challenges and victories in real-time, right here with us!

At the time of this pic, they have already lost a combined weight of 33.9 pounds between their 7 day PreCleanse and 7 day cleanse. They are feeling good!

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  • Lose 20 lbs and keep it off. 
  • Increase energy.
  • More balanced mood. 
    • Learn what he should be eating each day. 
    • Feel more invigorated and motivated to continue exercising.
    • Reduce or eliminate heart medications.
    • Get to a comfortable weight of 185.

    • Lose 10-15 lbs and keep it off.
    • Increase energy.
    • Sleep more restfully.


    DAY 1:

    Dan and Ed are shocked by how satiated they feel. Energy is great and their cravings have disappeared! 

    Jeff, however, is ravenous and despite the juices, veggies and shakes can’t fill up. "Dan’s hand is looking tasty." Hypothesis: Jeff needs more protein, stay tuned.


    DAY 2:
    Dan’s energy improvements and attentiveness are holding steady. He is feeling less moody than before the program and lost 2 #’s overnight.

    Ed is so full that he can’t eat his apple! Ed has struggled with significant hunger and cravings and can’t believe it when a pizza placed before him isn't even appealing. But Ed notices congestion after his beloved SuperFood Snack which he affectionally calls "dirt." Ed’s also did not lose weight which is extremely rare. Hypothesis: Ed is reacting to something in the SuperFood Snack. We offer to reformulate but he doesn’t want to change it b/c it’s helping so much with his cravings. So we decide to watch!

    Jeff had the citrus free hummus at lunch and the extra protein made a big difference in his cravings, energy and hunger! We also had him add fish at dinner.


    DAY 3:

    Dan’s  sleep quality has improved from a “5” PreCleanse to a “9” and he has lost 1.8 more pounds. Feeling good!
    Ed is still reacting to something in the SuperFood Snack, weight is holding. We ask Ed to please try simplified formulation next day.
    Jeff went to the UT game and though he pre-planned well he got a bit off on schedule and missed protein at lunch. He felt slightly light headed. Jeff definitely needs regular protein! This is great early information as we work to help him find his protein/ carb balance. Jeff has lost 10 pounds from the start of the Pre Cleanse phase 10 days ago.


    DAY 4:
    Dan’s  sleep and energy improvements continue with much improved irritability, anxiety and mood levels. Weight loss of .2 pounds overnight and he says he is disappointed not to lose the 2#’s per day to which he’s become accustomed.

    Ed used the new SuperFood Snack formulation and lost 6 pounds overnight! He was definitely reacting to something in old one.

    Jeff's anxiety and irritability levels are much improved despite currently experiencing a high amount of external stressors. The food changes are allowing him to better process stress. Jeff got slightly off track when he skipped his SuperFood Snack and had a smaller dinner than usual due to a social outing. But Jeff rallied and felt great later.

    DAY 5:
    Dan’s  still doing well. He lost .8 pounds overnight. A pizza was placed before him today and he thought it looked good but cravings still significantly improved from PreCleanse levels.

    Ed is also doing well. His energy in the evenings has increased from a 2.5 to a 7! He losta pound overnight. Go Ed Go!

    Jeff was able to regulate protein well today by staying on schedule. He lost 2 pounds overnight and has several people comment on how good he looks. His eyes appear more rested too!


    DAY 6:
    Dan is continuing to do great with improved mood and energy levels.

    Ed lost 3 pounds overnight! The new SuperFood Snack formulation is working well for him. His energy, mood levels and cravings are still much improved.

    Jeff felt great all day but got a little off track at night with a social function. He slammed his SuperFood Snack before, skipped their dinner and ate when he got home. Feeling good.


    Day 7 – Last Day of Phase 1!

    Though he lost 1.4 pounds overnight and has had 6 days of feeling like a champ, Dan is struggling today.  He didn’t sleep well last night and is much more irritable, returning to his former pre cleanse irritability levels.  There were some extra stressful circumstances in his life today.  But we want to also be sure there isn’t a food impacting things.  Upon further investigation, we discovered that he ate out the other night and accidentally received soy sauce and soy oil.  He has also recently introduced coconut oil and vinegar.  Strategy:  Asked him to remove both and let’s see if things shift.  We will test these items later.

    Ed has another great day!  Nothing new to report – this man is on a roll with improved energy, mood, cravings, weight etc….

    Jeff ‘s evening energy is still looking much improved and he has lost another pound.  His drainage symptoms are much improved from pre cleanse levels but he is experiencing an increase in itchy eyes and congestion. He notes that the mold levels are currently high and indeed they are.  But we want to vet out foods fully because a majority of the time an inflammatory food is creating reactions to external environment.  We are currently sleuthing with spices, foods and condiments to be sure he isn’t reacting to something more obscure.  Stay tuned!



    Dan, The Man, came to the program stating he was soooo ready to make changes in his life!  Wow, is he making changes!  Here is his summary for the past week:
    • Lost 6.4 pounds
    • Sleep Quality has gone from a “5” to an “8 to 9”
    • Energy levels have improved significantly in every single tracked category including morning energy, afternoon slumps, evening energy and overall energy
    • Attention/Presence much improved
    • Anxiety/Irritability and mood levels are markedly better with the exception of one day – possible reaction or due to high stress circumstances?  We are investigating
    • Motivation is off the charts!
    • Food cravings have disappeared
    Areas of investigation/further inquiry:
    • Going to optimize carb/protein balance to keep weight loss moving at optimal levels
    • After significant improvements in every singly category, Dan had one challenging day at the end.  Was it extra stress in life?  Or was it Vinegar or accidental soy?  Stay Tuned!

    Ed is rocking it out!  Before he began the program, Ed told us that he wants to be around to see his children grow up and though he wants to lose weight, even more importantly, he is READY to feel good!  Here is Ed’s summary for the past week:

    • Lost 13 pounds in the past 2 weeks between Pre Cleanse and Cleanse Phase!
    • Previously ravenous cravings have completely disappeared and Ed is thrilled
    • Evening energy has gone from a 2.5 to a 7!  Slumps are totally gone throughout the day and night.
    • Overall energy and daytime energy are markedly improved
    • Mood Swings and irritability levels much better
    Areas of investigation/Further inquiry:
    • Was reacting to an ingredient in SuperFood Snack by weight holding and congestion.  After removing 3 ingredients –weight dropped 6 pounds overnight and congestion disappeared.  The most likely culprit is rice protein.
    Jeff is making the weight loss look so easy and is already at his goal weight after losing a grand total of 14.5 pounds in the past 2 weeks!  At the start of the program Jeff currently is experiencing higher than usual amounts of stress. Anxiety/worry are usually strong areas for him but he is feeling heightened levels as we begin.  Jeff is making major strides in this department.  Here is Jeff’s summary for the past week:
    • Significant night-time energy increase
    • 14.5 pound weight loss from past 2 weeks in Pre Cleanse and Cleanse Phase
    • Anxiety/Worry are significantly improved!  Even though external stress triggers are still high, Jeff’s capacity to handle them is increased
    • Drainage levels are much improved
    Areas of investigation/Further inquiry:
    • Jeff has experienced brain fog off and on this week.  This can be typical in the first 3 days of the cleanse but Jeff’s is most likely tied to needing more animal protein.  We had him add fish at dinner in the first few days but are going to increase to lunch and dinner in Phase 2.
    • Jeff experienced slightly higher congestion symptoms the past 2 days and believes it is due to higher levels of mold.  We, however, want to fully vet out foods and are investigating spices, condiments to fully vet out how food is impacting allergies. (Click here to read an account from a prior client who thought she was reactive to environment, to see how foods can impact allergy symptoms.)
    • Jeff is definitely an animal protein person and with this early info we are well on our way towards finding Jeff's ideal  protein/carb threshold.
    Want to receive regular updates on Team Vida and their real-time progress?  You can receive these on Facebook or Twitter.  Go team go!


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