Monday, November 1, 2010

Vida Crew's 5th - 6th Week

Nearing the end of the program, how did the Vida lads fare on their cleanse during the Thanksgiving Holiday? These men have been fiercely committed to creating change in their lives.  Now wrapping up week 6 of their discovery process – let's check in:

In Week 5, Dan says he is coming for the 180’s.  Can he do it with the holidays?

Ed had his first significant food reaction and caught it lickety split!

Jeff’s allergies symptoms are barely detectable and he has postponed his sinus surgery, again, until January.

Dan is loving how good he feels and looks. (Click here to read his personal testimonial). In week 5, before the Thanksgiving holiday, he drops into the low 190’s and proclaims – “I’m coming for YOU 180’s!”.  Can he do it?

Some indulgences around the holidays created minor pauses in further weight loss but Dan is a champ and even with these indulgences maintains his new lower weight.  We are refining his carb to protein balance and playing with the ratio of nuts to help his accelerate his entry into brand new terrain.

In week 6, Dan experienced a couple of nights of reverting to his old Pre-Cleanse sleep levels, slightly lower energy and weight increase.  We suspect he received a bit of soy, which has already been discovered as a primary intolerance triggering many old symptoms.

Otherwise, Dan feels great!  His energy is much improved, he sleeps better, feels lighter and his mood is brighter.

Ed is tracking on paper and sending us updates once per week.  So while we do not have as much hands on guidance with Ed’s day to day reality, he seems to be right in the swing of things. 

Ed discovered his first significant intolerance, corn, which triggered many of his old symptoms.  Upon introducing corn Ed’s energy dipped to his Pre-Cleanse levels and former mood and digestive symptoms returned.  Ed is in tune, notes in his tracker how he feels and says he has eliminated it.

Is Ed back on track with his new found energy levels, improved mood, digestion and cravings?  We hope so but haven’t heard and look forward to getting an update soon.

Jeff’s wife Deanna remains one happy wing-woman in slumber!  Jeff’s snoring is still non-existent with the exception of the times he has introduced intolerant foods. He has discovered a new one – nuts, which make his eyes water and his congestion rears it’s head again.

Jeff maintained his new svelte shape of 185 even during the holidays and is dipping into the lower 180’s. His energy, mood and blood pressure levels all continue to remain much improved!

Jeff is heading to the Big Apple tomorrow, but, now that he’s in the flow with the process – we have every bit of faith in his ability to indulge if he chooses and get himself right back on track!

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