Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 2 Summary of the Vida Crew

Skipped a chocolate custard dessert AND opted for greens while out to dinner? Dan is one dedicated client! 
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Will Jeff still require scheduled surgery?

Will Dan continue losing close to 1 pound per day?

Ed, oh Ed….Where are you?


Week 2 Summary of the Vida Crew
Click here to read the first installment of the Vida Crew's Cleanse Journey! 

Dan broke the 200 pound mark and continues losing .6 to .8 pounds per day.  His energy and mood improvements are fantastic.  Dan started doing yoga at lunch each day and is sweating out more toxins. He did have a couple of days, which broke his trend, in which the weight went up and other older symptoms reared their head including increased irritability.  Now that Dan has experienced how good he can feel, he is very in tune with these fluctuations.  On both occasions, there were suspicious foods or dressings while eating out.  There is something impacting Dan’s mood, energy and weight and he is close to uncovering it!

Dan is heading to NY next week and is concerned about being able to stay on track.  He will go armed with chef cards, instructions and his new super Ninja ordering skills.  And if all else fails, can just get himself back on track when he returns.

  • Lost an additional  5 pounds this week, even with 2 days of minor weight increases due to suspicious ingredients in restaurants
  • Continued significant improvements in energy, mood, pain and presence!

Ed, oh Ed – where are you?  Ed hasn’t been tracking this week so we do not have as much information to report.  Ed started an exercise routine, left a message and said he is feeling great and even better than last week!
But Ed’s weight has held steady at the same levels for several days in a row.  This is very rare, especially for our male clients and leads up to believe that there might be something he is eating that is creating weight holding.
We appealed to Team Vida to help us get Ed back to tracking so that he can have the same experience as his teammates!


Jeff’s wife, DeAnna is one happy sleeper!  She told him that for the first time in 20 years, he is not keeping her up with his snoring at night.  His congestion and allergies are much improved, his energy is fantastic and he says he is feeling great!

Jeff’s original goal weight was to lose 10 – 15 pounds. 15 pounds melted away within 2 weeks and he has now decided that he would like to lose another 10!  He was last at this weight in high school.  Can he do it?

One of Jeff’s biggest concerns upon beginning the program was sleep apnea and snoring issues.  He has surgery scheduled for December 1st.  He has pushed it back to December 8th to give himself more time to assess.  Will he need it?  

Jeff’s wife is thrilled that he is no longer snoring at night and coughing up junk in the mornings!  She wrote him a love note to thank him. :) 

So far Jeff has experienced the most food intolerances with onions, corn and vinegar.  Each of these seems to impact his apnea and allergy symptoms.

  • Drainage/Throat Congestion are gone for the first time in 20 years, with the exception of the times he has introduced the foods which have triggered them.
  • Energy improvements continue
  • Snoring is gone and no longer needing Affrin at night
  • Blood Pressure dropped from 135/85 to 120/80 in 2 weeks!
  • Postponed surgery from December 1st to 8th to give more time to assess

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