Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vida Crew Rocking on Through Weeks 3 & 4

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 Dan broke his “plateau” weight from prior programs and 
can’t believe it’s possible to feel this good!

Ed’s back, feels amazing and says his whole relationship
with food is changing!

Jeff has run out of allergy medication from his doc but even without the meds his allergies are nary an issue.


Dan started week 3 in NY and bit off a rather large apple while away.  But we always say – there’s no guilt, just notice how it made you feel and let that motivate you to get yourself right back on track.  Dan’s a pro at this by now and is addicted to feeling good so getting back on track is no big deal.  Dan returns, baselines for 3 days (fancy word for eliminating anything not cleared yet) and is ready for soy.  

Upon introducing soy, however, mood symptoms flare and he gains a ½ pound. Dan says things are stressful though right now and he’s not sure if it’s soy or natural responses to his environment.  

We say let’s play!

Hypothesis:  Dan is reacting to soy and it’s impacting mood, energy and weight.

Hypothesis Test Recommendation:  Remove soy, wait on anything new, track symptoms and let’s see what happens.

Hypothesis Result: Sure enough – Dan’s radiating positivity again and ready to go onto the next item on his list – nuts! Dan has also stepped up his exercise routine and is busting a move with P90X every morning at 5:30 am!


Ed’s back.  He was experiencing some technical difficulties with his tracker but he’s back and tracking again, most days. Ed is thrilled with how good he feels. His evening energy has gone from a “2-3” to an “8”!  Cravings are gone, mood is lifted and he says he has a whole new relationship with food.

With the guidance of his doctor, he’s been able to decrease his blood pressure meds to 25% of his original dose 4 weeks ago!

Ed reacted to pineapple and it created a skin breakout.  Was it the pineapple or nuts he had also just introduced?  Ed’s hunch was right – pineapple!  He left the nuts in, eliminated the pineapple and his skin is clearing up.

Ed is embracing his new found intuition with food and we are loving it!  The goal of the whole program is to access your own inner expertise and eventually tell us all to heave ho!

Ed is a founder of a cold laser technology called Zerona, that allegedly melts away fat.  He wants to go through a treatment while in the process.  I asked him to wait a few weeks to keep everything simple for food comparison’s sake.  He has patiently waited and is now ready to go.

Ed is already onto eggs and is clipping right along with the reintroduction.


Jeff spent week 3 in Miami and let himself enjoy it’s culinary pleasures.  We say – “go for it, in moderation”.  There are no slips if you notice how it made you feel and get yourself back on track upon return.  Jeff noticed an increase in many of his symptoms and happily went to baseline when he returned home!

Jeff is still enjoying improved energy, clarity, mood and weight.  But his baseline included nightshades and his allergy symptoms weren’t returning to his new improved clarity.  And Jeff wasn’t the only one impacted.  His wife has been enjoying the new snore free zone.

 Nightshades are creating congestion, snoring and lower energy.

Hypothesis Test Recommendation:  Remove nightshades, wait on anything new and let’s see if it clears up.

Hypothesis Result: Allergies cleared up to minimal and happily his snoring disappeared again, but he was still showing slightly higher than total clarity he experienced weeks 1 and 2.  Upon further investigation, we learned that Jeff is out of his allergy meds and is now tracking med free.

But the good news – Jeff’s allergies without meds are improved from his symptoms with meds!  No more Affrin at night yet no snoring.  And no daytime meds with little impact.

Jeff is also experiencing higher than usual amounts of external stress but his capacity for handling it is significantly improved.  Energy’s better, weight is holding and Jeff is in his zone.

Despite reacting to 4 or 5 foods so far, Jeff is making this look easy!   Jeff’s curiosity, positivity and dedication to feeling his best are paying off.  He has a natural ease with intuition and food and is making our role simple.

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