Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#4: How do carbs impact cravings?

#4: How do carbs impact cravings?

Like protein, we all function best with varying amounts, types and sequencing of carbohydrates. We call this carbohydrate threshold. Finding this information makes a big impact on craving levels. When we work with clients to help them uncover cravings, we explore the same questions for carbohydrates that we investigate for proteins.  (See tips 1, 2, and 3 regarding protein consumption).  
  1. Are you receiving too much or too little of Carbohydrates for your constitution?  
  2. Are you receiving the right type of Carbohydrates for you? 
  3. Are you eating them at the right time of day?  
Many of our clients come to us addicted to carbs. Of course, we all know that if we are gorging on sugar or carbs throughout our days, we “should” stop. And yet, this can be one of the hardest cycles to break. However, most of our clients are surprised to discover that they are easily able to give up this addiction, because we are replacing it with the specific nutrients with which their bodies yearn. We nourish their systems while optimizing proteins and carbs. If you feel helpless to shift the carb addiction, try these other tips simultaneously and nourish your system.  Stay tuned on how to best do this.

#5: Are you alkalizing your system to reduce cravings? 

These tips are part of our "Solving the Cravings Riddle' series. Click the link to read the article in it's entirety and see previous tips.

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