Thursday, April 7, 2011

Solving the Craving Riddle!

Is food addiction as strong as drug addiction? 

Like those featured in this news segment, many of our clients begin The Love Cleanse ready to gnaw off the hand of anyone that gets in between them and their "x". Common "x" factors could be chocolate, sugar, coffee, bread, potato chips, carbs, did we mention carbs? Cravings are one of our favorite topics because they are a direct line of communication telling us exactly what we need to help our clients feel their best. A loud voice booming from within, if it was heard it might sound a little like this:

Cravings:  "What have you done for me lately?!"
You:  "What have I NOT done for you lately? I give you everything you ever ask for but it's never enough, you want more and more!"
Cravings:  "You NEVER give me what I want! Every day I beg you to hear me and it's always the same thing, oh sure, you get what YOU want, but it's crap and I'm sick of it!"   

As with any relationship dynamic a little understanding of the other involved party goes a long way. Because what it's actually seeking is not what it appears to be.

Trained craving/client mediation experts, our Love Cleanse Counselors roll up their sleeves on day 1 of our clients multi-week journeys. With the Cravings Analysis aspect of The Love Cleanse program, a counselor reviews our clients "opportunity trackers" each day. We view the intensity of the pesky voice and make real-time recommendations based upon what we see, guiding each client to solve their own unique craving riddle. We keep asking, listening, making real time changes/ recommendations based upon the tips we are going to share with you - until we strike the happy, harmony our clients seek. Each client is unique but there are many common themes and nuances with which we begin. 

For those who like the do-it-yourself approach we are going to share our Top 9 tips to solve your craving riddle! One tip each day over the next 9 days, coming your way: 

#1: Are you receiving enough protein?

#2: Are you receiving the right "type" of protein to minimize cravings?

#3: Are you eating protein at the right times throughout the day?

#4: How do carbs impact cravings?

#5: Are you alkalizing your system to reduce cravings

#6: Are you eating enough vegetables to reduce cravings?

#7: Are you receiving the right type of breakfast to reduce cravings?

#8: Are you eating regularly throughout the day?

#9: How is sugar impacting your cravings?

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