Tuesday, August 2, 2011

H'angry & Trippin' on the Road? Stop Here!

Is there such thing as heathy fast food? 
Read our top 3 fast food picks below.

How do we eat healthy, on the road, without the creature comforts of our fridge or even healthier and familiar restaurant options? Strategies to Love your Life while on the road include planning ahead, packing your own snacks and educating yourself on how to order out with confidence. But sometimes, with the pedal to the metal, in remote areas, the best you can do is road food. As an occasional necessity, how can you make healthier choices? 

#1 Fast Food Choice: Chipotle
As Steve Ells, Chipotle’s Founder, says, “Just because it’s fast food doesn’t mean it has to be a typical fast food experience.” This is one of the most conscious food companies around. Click here to read about their “Food with Integrity” Campaign." They are rocking the boat of fast food. And this is one boat we want in! Plan ahead, scout out a Chipotle and keep the good vibes rolling on your vacay. You can even download their handy iphone app, save your favorite combo and order before you go! Now that's fast food.
Our favorite on the go bowl!

What we order:
Order a Salad Bowl. With Lettuce. Double order of Black Beans. Pepper and Onion Mixture. Chopped Tomatoes. Guacamole. And Voila. Beautiful, healthy meal for under $6. 

#2 Fast Food Choice: Taco Cabana
Though Taco Cabana falls more in line with the fast food genre than Chipotle, it is a major step up from some other un-named locations. 

What we order:
An 8 oz. Serving of Black Beans on top of Shredded Lettuce with Pico de Gallo, Guacamole + Mole Sauce.

#3 Fast Food Choice: Subway
What to do when you’re faced with fast food alley, h’angry and nary a healthy option around. Duck duck, Subway. A better option than many of the others, here’s what we recommend.

What we order:
Skip the Sandwich! Grab a Salad Bowl with heaping servings of veggies. For protein, we recommend skipping the provided options, planning ahead and bringing your own Raw Food protein snacks. Check out some of our favorites in the Snack section of our blog.

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