Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Lori!

CLIENT: Lori Knowlton

WEIGHT: 157 - 148 = 9lb loss

  • Eggs: Increase Congestion, Itchy Skin, Swollen Lips
  • Dairy: Impacts Congestion, Digestion (cheese more so than milk)
  • Turkey: Exacerbates eczema symptoms
  • Red Peppers: Impact Swelling, Digestion
  • Potatoes: Increase Congestion

"Before I started the Love Cleanse, my energy was high, but solely based on “the dark side” – coffee, sugar, processed carbohydrates and I was taking 2 allergy medicines per day to control my respiratory allergies during the Austin spring. I was miserable.

Now, after working with Kim and Erin, my energy is up, allergies are gone and I’m feeling great.  My weight loss is an added plus and done without daily exercise. It actually feels like most of the weight loss was related to inflammation and congestion from eating certain foods!

The best part is that now that I’m “tuned in” to the food that I’m eating, I am much more even keeled and positive in my outlook – and can tell immediately when my food isn’t giving me what I need AND how to get back to a better place.  This is far more than a cleanse;  it’s an ongoing energy source!
The true test?   While traveling and visiting family, my new eating habits are holding strong in the face of many old favorite foods. Yes, it’s that good!"

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