Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're Hiring! Admin Assistant & Customer Service Specialist

We are seeking an Administrative Assistant & Customer Service Specialist.

WE are a growing health & wellness company founded by a creative entrepreneur who needs someone who thrives in a fast-paced and changing environment. While we all work in a relaxed & fun atmosphere we work hard and strive to see our clients happy and healthy!

YOU thrive and derive fulfillment at keeping the entrepreneur organized, scheduled and doing the daily tasks necessary so she can service clients better and continue to creatively grow the business.
YOU will be grounded and positive when many different projects and troubleshooting challenges arise. Many balls will fly in the air, you'll need to catch them and prioritize them with grace and competence.
YOU want to and will be able to make a difference in this organization!
YOU are positive and proactive with a "can do" attitude - if you feel you can't do it - ask and learn how to.
YOU are exceptional at organizing, super computer savvy with excel at internet/technical/computer troubleshooting.
YOU are confident and eloquent enough to communicate with executive level clients.
YOU are confidential about dealing with private information concerning both clients and entrepreneur.


  • Create and Maintain Client Spreadsheets - input start date, type of program, contact info w/delivery details, special notes, etc. 
  • Able to Troubleshoot any Potential Internet/Computer Challenges -- figuring out why programs/systems are not working & backing up employers files on hard drive  
  • Capable and excited about fine-tuning organizational processes with the ability to create new or in place processes by utilizing technology and/or physical based systems.  
  • Responsible for Client Documentation and E-Delivery of Information- send welcome emails of various programs as well as pertinent cleanse documents to clients at different stages of the program  
  • Customer Service and Sales - you will be contacting potential clients (we do not do cold calls) signing them up, answering questions about the program via email or phone, getting contact & credit card info, running credit cards & printing receipts  
  • Admin Assistant to Entrepreneur and Counselors -- intermediary among entrepreneur, clients and counselors. Fielding questions, keeping counselors up to speed on changes and client correspondence as well interfacing with production/delivery person  
  • Partner Creation and Vendor Relationships -- create partnerships with local restaurants and maintain vendor relationships  
  • Occasional Personal Research & Calls for Entrepreneur -- research on herbs, products, booking airline tickets and other pertinent information business owner needs
  • Potential for Proactive Marketing and PR of cleanse -- once you have successfully organized both the office AND the entrepreneur; you may use your amazing Marketing/PR skills to take the business even further

  • Highly Computer/internet literate as well as able to troubleshoot any potential technical related challenges 
  • Exceptionally organized, detail-oriented with a passion for prioritizing assigned tasks  
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Blogging and various web-based sites  (SalesForce a huge plus!) 
  • Stable, grounded and thrives around a varied and fluctuating daily schedule  
  • Positive and Pro-active attitude  
  • High level of customer service and sensitivity to nuances of cleanse clients  
  • Strong verbal and written skills as well as an ability to communicate openly with coworkers

Last but NOT least; as we grow, you grow! We want someone who wants to come in and stay with us for a minimum of 2 years. This is a part time job with potential to grow in hours and responsibility. "Nitty gritty" work needs to be done but you will gain an immense amount of knowledge, experience AND have FUN doing it!

Please go to our website at www.lovelifemethod.com BEFORE emailing us.

Cover letter is a MUST as well as a resume sent to charlotte@lovelifemethod.com.

Please take the time to write us WHY you want to work with us -- we took the time to write you why we want YOU.
There will be 2 weeks of training for this position provided by former the former Administrative Assistant.
An initial 90-day evaluation period is required and hours vary from 25-30 per week with growth to full-time by January. 

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

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