Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Matt Murphy drops pounds and gains energy!

CLIENT: Matt MurphyCEO Grande Communications
Avid enthusiast of Hometown teams - RedSox, Patriots, Celtics


  • WEIGHT: 212 to 195 = 17 pounds lost
  • RED MEAT & PORK: Impact Weight Holding and Energy Decrease
  • SOY: Impacts Weight Holding
  • Fruit + granola for breakfast
  • Tea instead of coffee which was a shock
  • Superchips

I decided to work with Kim as part of a group challenge to improve our general health, weight and overall fitness. I have always considered myself reasonably healthy but I was truly amazed by the impact of the program.  The speed and ease of how the program helped me lose nearly 20 pounds and raised my energy and general health was remarkable and far easier than I ever expected.

Kim’s program clearly identified specific foods that do and don’t work for me but it also hammered home the need to consistently eat multiple complete meals throughout the day. Frankly it’s a bit embarrassing that I needed to go through this exercise to realize I can’t eat like I did in my 20s. The good news is that I am down to my college weight and feel terrific without really having to work very hard now that I know how my body responds to different intakes.

The clearcut direction and structure of the program was extremely helpful and daily interaction with Kim really let me stay on track. I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone whether you have serious issues you want to diagnose or simply want to improve your general fitness. If it hadn’t been for my group challenge and going through the LoveMethod Program I would never have realized that I could make such an impactful change on my body and wellbeing."

 - Matt Murphy

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