Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weight Loss Inspiration From Past Clients

“After 39 years I am finally back to my pre-wedding weight thanks to Kim! Prior to The Love Cleanse I could only lose 5 to 10 pounds at any given time and this was after trying all sorts of diets and exercising constantly! With Kim's help I have been able to identify the foods that I am sensitive to and live a healthier and happier life! A huge bonus is that my husband (who is a physician) was so impressed with the results that he changed his eating habits and dropped 20 pounds!”
Maggie Falvey, lost 21 pounds

“I felt better, I slept better, my skin was glowing and I was dropping weight, fast. I still had my high energy levels from day one and was able to keep up my crazy workout regime..I had become someone who like to do two a day workouts. But I quickly realized I could drop a workout, to one a day, and still get great results while on this cleanse. I dropped those last five pounds in about four days, and then I got greedy...how much more could I lose? I got eleven pounds down very quickly and found my happy weight. “
Lucy Reagan, Lost 11 pounds

“Participating in the Love Cleanse is one of the best things I have done for myself. Prior to starting the cleanse, I was battling constant hunger, fatigue, a weight that would not budge, and frustration.Within the first week I started to see several improvements from weight loss to increased energy.”
Leigh Perry Zielinski, Lost 10 pounds

“I have been working towards a goal of better health and weight loss for quite awhile. I had adjusted my diet (became a vegetarian), watched calories, exercised, and practiced yoga. I felt somewhat better but seemed to have hit a plateau. My weight would not seem to want to ever get below 200 lbs., I did not really think I ever would. I would eat great for awhile and then binge on chocolate and sweets. My weight would bounce from 204 to 218. In 8 weeks I went from 204 lbs to 177 lbs., where I am holding steady. I have tremendous energy, I have all but eliminated my allergies, my flexibility and lucidity have increased exponentially. I feel great!
Steven Sides. Lost 27 pounds

“The LoveLife Method taught me how my body truly wants to be rewarded with food. The payoff has come through higher energy levels, better sleep, and weight loss – I dropped 20 pounds over the course of the program. I learned the big difference between the cravings created by certain foods (read: sugar) and the nutrition needed by my body.”
Scott Yarborough, Lost 22 pounds

“I have always considered myself reasonably healthy but I was truly amazed by the impact of the program.  The speed and ease of how the program helped me lose nearly 20 pounds and raised my energy and general health was remarkable and far easier than I ever expected.”
Matt Murhpy, Lost 17 pounds

“We decided to take the plunge with full commitment and after our first week we started to see some significant differences with weight loss, energy levels, and overall excitement about learning to eat the right food at the right time of day, specifically for your body. In addition to the LLM, I also increased my workout routine and really energized the weight loss component which worked very well for me.”
Randy Murphy, Lost 24 pounds

“During the cleanse, my energy soared and my skin looked better then ever. I also lost 20 pounds.”
Kelley Huston, Lost 20 pounds

“I was able to get some real insight into what was causing some of my cravings, mood swings, and down spiraling energy levels. I was also able to identify those foods which added some weight gain over the years. I'm now able to identify those foods which intensified my cravings, irritability, allergies, and what lowered my overall energy levels.”
Christi Corbitt, Pure Austin Trainer

“I started this program as a diet - needing to lose a significant amount of weight. Instead I have discovered a way of life. “
Kathy Kerr, Lost 29 pounds

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