Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reset While Traveling

Two statements: True or False. Traveling = Eating healthy. Traveling = Not Eating healthy. Which of these statements has occupied your reality? For most of us it has been the latter. Eating on the go, in airports, away from the creature comforts of our home kitchens or favorite restaurants, dining in the company of new faces poses challenges with eating in alignment with what makes us feel our best. Poor habits snowball, we promise to get back on track upon our return but then we get home and put it off, after all, we are leaving town again in a few days. Sound familiar?

Helping clients navigate through travel has been a constant evolution over the past few years and a personal passion. A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to upgrade the travel possibilities. On a recent 6 day trek to Gainesville, Florida with a very busy 12 hour/day schedule, I decided to experiment. What if I viewed this trip not only as an opportunity to eat healthy, but as an opportunity to eat reset my system? To cleanse? To return home feeling sparkly, happy, refreshed?

TIP #1:
Bring a satchel of protein snacks and teas. You will want 2-3 hearty size portions of snacks each day. One of these will comprise a late morning snack and another one an afternoon snack. Having an extra on hand is helpful in case you find yourself in a bind. I traveled with Livin' Spoonfuls Coconut Curry Crackers and Kaia Kale Chips Sea Salt and Tahini. Please be sure that the snacks you bring meet our snack standards with no processing, minimal to no sugars and a healthy amount of protein. The protein curbs cravings. Click here for great snack options.
TIP #2:
Bring SuperFood Snack. SuperFood snack, in conjunction with our other recommendations during the road cleanse, makes an excellent breakfast and can be easily mixed in a glass in your hotel room. It’s also a great snack on an airplane.
TIP #3:
Map out local juice bars. Many cities now have at least one, if not several options. Gainesville has a local organic market with a juice bar. Well, juice bar would be generous. Juice closet is more apt. But lo and behold, the juices they created were 100% organic, dense and green.
TIP #4:
Do an internet search to find locations that have fresh fish. Do a quick search of their menus, do they also have vegetables? Many grills or fish restaurants offer healthy veggie sides including asparagus and broccoli. When you arrive to the restaurant, request that they steam your veggies with no seasonings and that they either dry grill, steam or broil your fish.
TIP #5: Optional
Find a local market and pick up some fresh fruit. In Gainesville, I found local organic strawberries and blueberries.
The MENU PLAN is simple:
  • Early Morning: Drink tea, eat fruit and make SuperFood Snack
  • Mid-Morning: Protein Snack
  • Lunch: This is the largest meal of the day. Preferably fish, as prepared above with veggies and a salad. Eat as much of these items as you wish. Still hungry? Order an extra veggie side or a larger salad.
  • Mid-Afternoon: Another protein snack or SuperFood Snack
  • Dinner: Large Green Juice and salad with hummus or beans, if you’re able to find it. If you find you're still hungry, pull out one of the extra protein snacks or another SuperFood Snack. Most nights I found that I was satiated simply with the Green Juice and a few bites of the protein snack. On a couple of nights, I added a green smoothie to my juice order but I requested less fruits and more greens to ensure that the sugar was minimal.
Optional Extras:
  • If you have a fridge in your room, pick up some hummus and carrots in addition to the fruit.
  • If the juice bar is conveniently located, consider adding an extra juice to your day.

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